OctPoWriMo 10 – Kyrielle Sonnet (un-rhymed) – October 10, 2015

A Day In Lilliput

Black and white rain in Lilliput,
trickles like treacle in the hush,
as artists play their auto-harps
strumming on strings of vibrant blague.

Public servants and bigots crow,
each one in their own mellow key,
singing their songs of modesty
strumming on strings of vibrant blague.

Journalists and gallerists bray,
waving their arms around like birds,
pompously talking of their finds
strumming on strings of vibrant blague.

Black and white rain in Lilliput –
Strumming on strings of vibrant blague.

Now listen well in Lilliput,
as days progress in emptiness,
listen to the politicians
strumming these strings of vibrant blague.

In the colourless world of art,
“black and white” is all the rage now!
Empty Lore-lies – sing praises!
Strumming these strings of vibrant blague.

“Enough! Enough!”  A brave soul cries,
in hallowed tones of lullabies,
“Humpty Dumpty just fell again!
Strumming these strings of vibrant blague.”

Now listen well in Lilliput –
Strumming these strings of vibrant blague.

© G.s.k. ‘15

23 thoughts on “OctPoWriMo 10 – Kyrielle Sonnet (un-rhymed) – October 10, 2015

  1. All I can say is “ain’t that the truth.”
    You’ve captured the sad reality of modern life. Politics is really nothing but a popularity contest, and, unfortunately, often the most horrid person wins.

    poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com


  2. So very true…even without television, I am exposed with les plaquards …huge, some in the way on the sidewalks, youtube videos pre-empted with politikeegoop. I did not know we could borrow “blague” in English. Cool! I love how you used this form…I must try it sometime.


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  4. My heart aches at the state of affairs in the world. I keep hoping that we will reach a turning point of light and love but the heaviness continues. Love your poem, shadows and all. Well done, thanks for sharing with OctPoWriMo!


  5. Well, I loved the form, the lovely use of images and words that echoed each other (meaning and sound). The ‘Lore-lie’ made me sad (though still appreciative), for I tend to think more positively about the Lorelei. Overall, a powerful message, particularly in an election year. Sigh.


    • Thanks Beth for a great comment … as for Lorelei … I was actually trying to get across the lies of siren like compliments and blandishments of a certain type of art critic … so I used Lore and then dashed in lie. Glad you enjoyed the poem.


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