OctPoWriMo Day 12 – Wordling – October 12, 2015


City Life

With all her courage
she faced the traffic
running the risk
that she might get hit –
buses and cars
thrumming and rumbling
passed ’round her –
but minute and fierce
she dodged them all
’cause she’d learnt her letters
about cars and traffic
from her mother’s pride.
Ah, how the urge was on her
to get back home
she knew he was waiting
and she was chilled to the bone …
scratching at the door
mewing piteously
she pulled at the link
she’d formed to his heart …
he opened the door
petted and hugged her
then lovingly poured her
a bowl of warm milk.

© G.s.k. ‘15

October 12. 2015

October 12. 2015

Inspired by Brynn and  The Sunday Whirl Wordle


32 thoughts on “OctPoWriMo Day 12 – Wordling – October 12, 2015

  1. So glad that this one had a happy ending. My family had a kitty that kept going back to our old house after we moved. He made it twice. The third time he got hit by a car on one of the busy streets he had to cross.
    My dad (RIP) didn’t believe in confining cats to the house. We lost literally about ten of them during my childhood. I became a firm believer in house cats.

    poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com


    • I get too emotionally attached to my pets and when they pass it takes me a long long time to get over it. My husband is of the same opinion about confining cats … when my cat Maao died of a feline immunological wasting disease he picked up somewhere during his roaming I decided I will no longer own a cat, unless it is a house cat. Brynn, the kitty in the photo is only 3 months old and she’s watched closely by my son and has never roamed the roads. Hopefully she never will.


  2. I could have looked at that adorable picture all day…and then your words made the love even more real…pets are the best – or if your very lucky the unconditional love of a person of course!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks … believe it or not, that photo came out really very dark, couldn’t see Brynn at all! Thanks heavens for photo editing! I agree, pets are wonderful companions. As for unconditional love of a person … that might be a bit heavy 😉


  3. Lovely kitty poem. We currently have three though only one is mine. And she is well and truly mine as I rescued her as a wee kitten and she thinks I’m her mom even though she is upward of 7ish years old now.

    Thanks for being so consistent in linking up your wonderful poems with OctPoWriMO!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the lovely comment … Brynn who is the kitty in the photo is also a rescue kitten along with her two siblings. My son has taken her in and has taught her how to climb down from high spots without falling on her head, he takes his roll as mamma cat very seriously – she’s three months old and has never been in the traffic.

      And I’d like to thank you for hosting OctPoWriMo once again this year … a wonderful event!

      Liked by 1 person

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