Quote of the Day – Virginia Woolf – October 15, 2015


Today I was preparing my weekly English conversation lesson, I chose to talk about Virginia Woolf and this lovely quote popped up from her essay “A Room of One’s Own” which really impressed me a lot .

For a Pdf copy of the essay follow this LINK

6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Virginia Woolf – October 15, 2015

  1. I do enjoy Virginia Woolf yet, I cannot read her where there is distraction. Reading this link (part of it, I am after all, at work) I am reminded how her paragraphs are so long. A few years ago I started reading Michel Tremblay to improve my French written and thoroughly enjoy anything that he writes but like Woolf…these long paragraphs!! I keep asking myself, “Don’t they ever come up for air?” I loved this line form this piece, cara, so beautiful and was imagining Mom’s place of rest surrounded by the Weeping Willows: “On the further
    bank the willows wept in perpetual lamentation, their hair about their shoulders” …wow!!


    • I’ve actually just really discovered Virginia Woolf … strange no? I found a short story entitled The Haunted House by her … really fantastic … more prose poetry than a short story actually. I’ve read many people who’ve used those long long paragraphs … the Italians do it all the time unfortunately .. I think it’s the commas that help them breath if they actually ever read them out loud 😉

      Funny (as in intriguing) that you should talk about willows, as there were no willows in this photo, but there are willows just on the opposite side of the lriver … that is to my back from where I’m taking the photo. It was actually the colour version before editing of my Silent Sunday.

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      • I became intrigued by Virginia Woolfe when I worked at a clinic for 10 years. One doctgor always gave me medical journals he cared little to read in English. I read an article of her depression and how she had been misdiagnnosed forEVER on her child incestual abuse. Of course in those days male professionals knew little and blamed everything on hysteria. I tried to read her journals when I was first divorced but they were depressing me and making me relate to stuff I was not ready for. That is when I saw her as a queen, survivor, amazing woman to have survived as long as she did. I almost felt myself drift off into the water with her with rocks in my pockets. DArk, I know but she actually helped me.

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        • As I said, just discovered her as a writer … of course I knew about her health problems and yes, thanks to friends I believe and her husband too, she was able to live much longer than she probably would have. I’d have said her writing was important too … but from what I understand, though brilliant, she’d become really depressed after writing a novel worrying that her work wasn’t good enough. A brilliant woman, and yes a Queen of survivors.


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