The Night Before – Haibun – October 21, 2015

The Graduate

Here in Padua, the traffic is like a distant rumbling river filling the night, a train passes close by, sounding like thunder with its ta-tum ta-tum crashing sound that shakes the house. Sitting in this night shrouded garden I enjoy a moment’s respite from the heady tension inside the house preparatory for my son’s discussion of his thesis tomorrow. The moon is half-grown, a night-bird sings out. I’d never heard this bird before – how odd that I should hear it now. From the house the raucous laughter of the vigil seeps through the closed-door, smiling, I leave this quiet moment re-entering the light filled room.

life’s passages
baby, youth then a man
a night bird’s song

© G.s.k. ‘15

I wrote this haibun last night. My son, Francesco was on pins and needles awaiting the important moment which is to mark the second phase of his college career, presenting his thesis for his Master of Arts Degree in History.  He had already obtained his Bachelor’s Degree Cum Laude.  Today at 12:00 I’m proud to say, obtained his Master of Arts Degree in History, again with honours.

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22 thoughts on “The Night Before – Haibun – October 21, 2015

  1. Congratulations to your son. I have to add it is always nice to hear of someone who sincerely endeavors in the necessary disciplines like History.

    “I’d never heard this bird before – how odd that I should hear it now.” This is such a wonderful line. Opening the entirety of the moment to the realm of life’s mysteries, all that which beyond our contemplation, captured only through the signs, like a bird never heard before.

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    • Thanks so much for this comment, it moved me very much … and I am so happy you caught the meaning of this line. I’m very proud of my son and his choice of study, though in a world like ours, perhaps it isn’t the most practical of choices.

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      • This is true regarding the “practicality,” but I would say that the only way we will have a world that is better than our world as it is now, a world that would include having such a degree would also be practical, is by having people such as your son ‘take one for the team’ practicality-wise and to pursue in-depth such disciplines as History, Philosophy, and the Arts.

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        • I agree with you 100% – which is why we backed him 100% in his choice .. though he may become a historical pizza chef 😉 Kidding … he’s brilliant and I’m sure he’ll find a way to find a practical use of his degree – which is what this world needs … a little memory.

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  2. Congratulations to your son. What a great achievement. I found your account of thenoise of Padua fascinating. Somehow in my imagination I thought of it as a Renaissance city wher scholars walked through golden light !


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