Free Verse: Magic Beside The Window – First Posted – May 12, 2013

by the window sepiaFree Verse

Magic Beside The Window

Childhood passed beside a window

Coloring, drawing, daydreaming

Watching as the cars drove past

Watching birds and butterflies

Imagining places that never existed

Of people who never were.

I’d imagine flying horses

Princes, castles and dragons flying –

I’d see the terrible witches

And lovely fairies too.

I’d have myself a tea party

I’d invite in all my friends!

Black and yellow stuffed dog

Pink cow and scruffy bear…

My mother’d bring the snacks out

We’d laugh and play for hours

Then I’d tell to them a tale.

(When finally I went  to school

After a month or two,

I found that those dear windows,

Saved me from boredom too.)

Years went by and I travelled far

I met many a dragon and visited castles

I’ve come across a prince or two

And some really terrible witches!

The fairies blessed me with my lovely sons

And I’ve nothing to regret.

I just wanted to say here,

Thinking of my childhood:

My friends then were my windows.

My loved ones were my books.

My world my imagination.

I hug them still and sing their praise,

For they made me who I am.

© G.s.k ‘13

12 thoughts on “Free Verse: Magic Beside The Window – First Posted – May 12, 2013

  1. honey I heard that rhythm.. very nice!..
    now, I’ll go back to that math-twist
    color-map kit kiss-no-tell ringer
    at-help desk-stopping place-
    casing cement-laced with meaning
    I meant singing color-sing
    lately bi-symbols-ring stately.
    sweet, no rules? hope it’s tasteeeeee.

    jim Ssss


  2. Sounds like we had similar personalities as children. I am fortunate that my father (RIP) encouraged my flights of fancy and my tendency to get lost in books. I wish that I’d ended up with a career in some area of the arts, but at least I have my castles in the air!

    poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com

    Liked by 1 person

    • There are probably more like us than we ever hear about … my mother was an avid reader and she passed that on to me, my step-father loved art and he passed that love to me … as for a career in the arts … it hasn’t been in my cards as yet, but here in my airy castle anything can still happen. Hugs and thanks for sharing with me. Bastet


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