Just a Note – A passing – October 28, 2015

Father and Son


I’ve been off-line since Sunday afternoon and will probably not be writing on my blog for a few days.  Unfortunately my husband met with a fatal accident, it seems that probably due to a fall (where he’d hit his head and bruised his back and legs a few weeks ago) he probably had a micro fracture which went unnoticed because when he only consulted our doctor about the vivid bruises he disregarded the rather large bump on the back of his head. Our doctor believes that he probably was a victim of an aneurysm or something similar due to the fall which broke loose while he was riding our moped.

Luciano was an artist.  He’d created his own form of artistic expression (which I’ll call “glass works”) and created some really beautiful pieces of which he was justly proud.  He was a cancer survivor and had just received the results of his recent analysis reassuring him that no new cancer cells had been found, for which he was very relieved.  He had the opportunity to see his son receive his Master of Arts Degree in Modern History with honours for which he was both proud and happy. And though we had our ups and downs as do most couples … we had many wonderful moments together.

He didn’t expect to die any time soon  … he didn’t write a poem for his passing, so I will try to write his jisei for him.

quest’uccello vola libero
in autunno

this bird flies free
in autumn

© G.s.k. ‘15

Below is a sample of Luciano’s work and a few articles I’d written in the past.  Many of the photographs that you’ve seen over the last few years on my blog were taken during walks I’ve with him.  These photographs were taken by me as well … the quality is poor but they will give you an idea of what he used to do. The opening photo is the last photo I took of him with our son on the day of our son’s graduation, just a few days before his passing.

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Luciano Neri – Objects on Glass a Photographic Exhibition

La Rocca di Riva

Sotto i portici di Riva

The Exhibition

A Triolet and A Sedoka


29 thoughts on “Just a Note – A passing – October 28, 2015

  1. Dear Bastet/Georgia–this is shocking news indeed. I’m profoundly sorry for your loss. And at a loss for helpful words. Please take the very best care of yourself–whatever you need to do. I send long-distance hugs, and I’m praying fervently for you and all the family–that God will ease the burden of grief and heal your hearts. love, j

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  2. Dear Georgia, my heart goes out to you in your terrible loss. The circumstances are almost identical to my Father’s passing two weeks ago. Your Luciano sounds like a wonderful man and I wish you and your family strength in the difficult days to come. Much love, Karin

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  3. My deepest sympathy goes out to you dear Georgia. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man. I wish you every strength at this time and send you love. Suzanne

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  4. E’ terribile Georgia quello che ho appena letto. Non riesco a credere che non ci sia più il sorriso un po’ ironico di Luciano per le strade di Arco. So che sei molto forte e che riuscirai a superare questi brutti momenti, ma il destino spesso è veramente crudele. Ti mando un caro abbraccio e ti sono vicina.

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  5. Bruce, Zoee and I are so sad to hear the news of Luciano. Thinking of you and the boys. I am grateful we had a chance to meet him when you both visited us in the States. I know he dreaded making the trip but he seemed to enjoy most of it. That is whenever Rick didn’t drink Lu’s wine. Hugs, dear.

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  6. We are deeply saddened to hear of your loss. There is such a striking resemblance between father and son. I wish for both of you that your memories will bring you comfort. Your tribute to your husband is beautiful–precise, powerful, and perfect in its brevity.
    With love from the members of Team Netherworld

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  7. Oh Cara, I am so so sorry for your loss…I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Such a beautiful tribute you have presented here so fitting for a such a talented artist. Prend soin de toi, cara. xx

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  9. I as so sorry for your loss. I’m afraid I don’t keep up to date as I should, and only pieced it together today.
    I can understand your desire to write and publish. To produce. To become involved in something.
    If there is ever anything I can do to be of help, please let me know. I truly feel bad and selfish, not having realized this sooner.
    I’m sending belated hugs (((((hugs))))), and will try visit more often.


    • Oh dearest Phylor, don’t feel bad … life gives us a lot to keep us busy and it’s not always possible to keep up with what’s going on outside our immediate sphere .. I’m afraid I myself have found myself in this very position myself, so don’t feel either bad or selfish. Thanks for your sentiments and your offer to give a hand if I need it. Big hugs to you too!


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