A Walk in the Fog – Haibun – November 17, 2015

She walked in the fog, along the back acres of an old abandoned farm. The nearly bare trees of late autumn seemed to hold out their branches, like arms tending dark comfort to a lost soul.  The outhouses seemed to have stood for many years completely abandoned. The fencing reduced to strands of spider-web like metal, created streamers of rust held together by the memory of wire.

The wind rustled softly through the trees causing a rain-fall of dead leaves.  She heard the sound of a siren somewhere in the distance and then the distant rumble of thunder followed by a flash of lightening.

A sudden crash came from the undergrowth. There standing before her was a roe. Bright beautiful eyes gazed calmly at her, there was no fear, no apprehension and no curiosity.  It was as though she weren’t there at all.  She moved towards the roe which continued to ignore her.  She reached out her hand to touch the roe, but discovered she couldn’t.

More thunder, this time loud enough to seem like the crash of a bomb – an instant later the white flash of lightening followed by the sound of pouring rain.

She awoke with a start and set up in her bed.  A storm she thought, her dream faded rapidly and was soon almost forgotten, except for a vague sense of unease that settled in her soul.  Not wanting to go back to sleep, she turned on the light, arose from her bed and went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea. Grabbing a couple of cookies, she went into the dining room.  There on the wall she saw the large Indian ink print she’d bought that afternoon and thought of the back acres of an old farm immersed in a wooded cove on a foggy day.

late autumn night
winter stalks the country-side
dead leaves fall like rain



This haibun was inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Tuesday Photo Challenge #87: November 17, 2015 – what would appear to be a photo seems to actually be a fascinating ink drawing.  Click the link on the photo and enlarge it … thanks Pat for a great experience!

40 thoughts on “A Walk in the Fog – Haibun – November 17, 2015

  1. The fencing reduced to strands of spider-web like metal, created streamers of rust held together by the memory of wire.

    What an amazing line Georgia! totally captivating and atmospheric – as is this entire piece. I think you’ve so adeptly combined all of these elements – with incredible skill and beauty!

    thanks for your response 🙂

    Cheers ~ Pat


    • And I thank you for a fantastic critique Pat … I really enjoyed writing this piece … I’ve been off prose for a while and it was such a pleasure to weave a tale for a change instead of a poem 😉 thanks for the inspirational image.

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        • 🙂 thanks again .. and I’ve been looking at his work … nothing like what he came up with here, but then, he says he uses different apps .. so probably this is an apped photo … way cool.

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          • Exactly … having been looking at his site myself … I would agree … and often, when photographers and artists decide to “legally” share their works – well, it’s not necessarily their “primary body of works” that go out to the world … which is normal … and doesn’t discount the validity or quality …. but it does make me question … the idea of “copyright” – and intellectual or physical property rights … it’s almost damn near impossible to consider anything as our “ownership” …. so, it can be a bit tricky … especially when sourcing images …. still … I get to see so many fascinating things …. 🙂

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          • Well .. the copyright issue is a big one … editing the photos give them a personal touch .. and I sign my photos just as though they are one of my paintings or drawings. It’d be nice if someone using my photos would link back to me … and I’m sure most bloggers think along these lines.

            Some people get really upset if their photos are used though without permission and threaten suit – which means you have to take the photo down and apologize – so do be careful, it’s not enough to say you found the photo on google or Pinterest … I ran a photo prompt a year or so back and I always linked the photographer … and you’re right, it’s really fun to go in search of a great image for a prompt.

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          • that’s exactly it- in a nutshell – for the prompt – I’m definitely steering well and clearly away from anything that I can’t trace back to the original owner – and if I have any doubts, the image gets skipped. And – if there is something I’ve found that is on a personal website – I’ll definitely ask first. If it’s a commercial site – personally commercial – like a gallery – then most definitely, I’d ask – but usually I’ll just leave it be.

            It’s a bit of a grey area at best.

            And I’d rather not offend anyone.

            My personal blog space – well – I do follow the same rules … but often will use an image from Pintrest – some of the most fascinating stuff comes via Pintrest – from Tumblr …. and once there …. 99.9% of the time, it’s damn near impossible to find the source. So on my site, I make it clear that I think I’ve used public domain images – and if someone trips across one of their images … and it’s been used accidentally – then I’m more than happy to correct the situation.

            But – like anything else …. it means tread carefully 😉

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          • Good idea .. as I said, most people don’t min, especially if you give them their credits … the commercial sites are probably best left alone .. but again it depends. Good luck on your future posts – the ones I’ve seen are delicious!

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  2. Oh my, cara, such a moving write here. As I type this comment I am listening to Mozart. Makes the photo and story seem more ominous! Love your haibun and your haiku could be added to Carpe Diem’s writing technique…parfait! Interesting how you saw the branches as comforting and I found them the opposite:) I chose chopin for another haibun I submitted tonight. Two hours ago I said I was off to bed (sigh) and I wonder why I am tired at work.


    • I thought you were off to bed! I just don’t have the stamina to do the all night hauls … I drop at 10:00 max (unless I’m gadding about some place). I really liked that photo … it is way interesting especially when you blow it up .. the haibun is a dream about death of course and so the Requiem … but the comforting arms of the trees … I don’t know why I chose them to comfort, maybe because symbolically they’re always used in the opposite way … and I wanted to break an icon, who knows. Glad you liked the post … now I’ve got to write up my lesson for tomorrow evening but I really want to read your Chopin haibun!

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