Morning Haiku and Waka – with Haiku Horizons (Pepper 俳句) – November 23, 2015

ah – red-hot peppers
colourful and inviting
on an ant hill
burning mouth and legs on fire
Filipino memory

(n.b. I was five years old the day we arrived in the Philippines – in the back yard of our new house – on an army ant hill – grew a beautiful multicoloured hot pepper bush – the memory has remained with me as vibrant as though the encounter had happened yesterday ….)


red, green and black
jolly perfumed mixture
in a pepper mill


Pasticceria Marabissi Panforte di Siena Panepepato 100g Produktbild

pepper and spices
Siena’s way bread of old

Christmas delights
peppered bread and lebkuchen
with mulled red wine
sitting ’round the lighted tree
sharing warm winter joys


This is a photo from Wildlife Den … a South African blog … but these are the same sort of caterpillars we used to have on our trees in Eritrea some 30 years ago …

in the back yard
rusty caterpillar’s home
shady pepper tree

© G.s.k. ‘15

23 thoughts on “Morning Haiku and Waka – with Haiku Horizons (Pepper 俳句) – November 23, 2015

    • Thanks Cheryl-Lynn … I’ve decided to write a full length Fantasy story … of course pure folly publishing on a blog .. but who knows perhaps someone will actually wade through it 🙂

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  1. This was a vivid delight for all senses–I could smell and taste, and feel the heat, and beautiful to behold! I like to buy pepper crusted bacon–especially good in my potato soup! That bread you mention sounds very tasty, my mouth is watering.


      • Oh, I did! And I totally relate to what you said about thinking you didn’t have anything to say, till you began writing. This is happening to me a lot with the prompts–I cringe, no ideas in my head (I think it’s simply fatigue)–and then, boom, Muse arrives!


    • I’ve been fortunate and have visited a few great places too, but I haven’t seen Australia or New Zealand yet, hopefully one day I will … glad you enjoyed them!


    • Well .. I was in the Philippines when I was a wee girl. We went there when I was 5 and returned to the States when I was 8 and 1\2.

      I have some very nice memories of that country … but from a visitor’s point of view .. my father was Air Force … so we never actually lived in The Philippines from my point of view. I do remember a few visits off base as being exotic and stimulating. I loved the climate and going back to snowy and icy winters was bad news. But it’s hard to miss what you never really had, perhaps what I missed more was a carefree moment in my infancy. Stimulating question Carol .. thanks for asking it! Bastet

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