For Robin Williams – a little late (Free Verse)


For Robin Williams – a little late

behind his happy mask
a loner
as an extrovert
in a superficial world
that prizes aggressiveness
out-going panache
did he look in the mirror
of lying reflections
and listen to the music
of the clown
who laughs – through his tears,
so the whole world
could laugh at him
feeling uplifted …
yet his soul
tattered and shredded
drowned in depression
and alone he left
this world
in tears.

© G.s.k. ‘15

 Tale Weaver #41 – Masks

19 thoughts on “For Robin Williams – a little late (Free Verse)

    • I wondered if perhaps he’d given all his happiness to the world, leaving nothing for himself (I think weird things sometimes) .. people around him must have known … the tragedy is no one knew how to help him.


      • Not a weird thought at all–sometimes we do that, give everything we’ve got to others….nothing left inside. And it’s true that most of the time, people don’t know how to help–I have such a difficult time with that concept, as it seems simple enough to just say, “you don’t seem okay, how can I help?” In the end, I realize, the choice is our own–maybe he was just “Done”. I’ve been there.

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        • A profound comment J … and perhaps as you say, one just arrives at the moment when it’s time to go … so sad anyway … I know that it’s difficult to help someone in these situations .. the motivation to move on is so hard to find sometimes. I was there many many years ago … not a place I’d visit again if I can avoid it.


          • I’m certainly no “seer”, but I recall hearing news a week or so prior to his death, that he was planning to return to rehab–and having a very ominous feeling; not specifically that he’d commit suicide, but just a strong “this isn’t good” feeling. So, I wasn’t surprised when his death was announced–it was a terrible confirmation of what I’d felt. Very sad.

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  1. Wonderful tribute …. isn’t it strange, when he was in motion you didn’t notice the pain in his eyes. But his still photos always seemed a bit “off”. Such a huge loss ….


    • I couldn’t resist the mask – and he came to mind as I was writing the poem (and of course Pagliaccio of the Rigoletto) .. so many people wear masks that cover so many different realities .. thanks for reading and commenting.

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