Old Man and Two Ducks – Fun Poem – November 28, 2015

ducks in a pond

Crossing a bridge with his haversack
Slung across his back, the old man went
Looking for something, he knew not what
Perhaps an adventure, or maybe not

Two ducks in the pond went quack, quack – back
And forth, with their squawking laugh – [see?]
He stopped then sat feeling sort of piqued –
Wondering what the joke was all about.

“Them louts, they knows a story or two!”
Said the old man to the world at large…
A jogger passing in boutique togs
Stumbled in surprise to hear him speak.

“I don’t know you sir … why address me!
Why pass around gossip my good man?”
Then from the pond came a raucous laugh
The jogger looked aghast then off he ran …

Walking down the path an old man went
With his backpack flung across his back
Looking for something, he knew not what
Perhaps an adventure – or maybe not.

© G.s.k. ‘15

My little story is based on the ducks we have at Riva del Garda …they don’t go quack quack at all – they laugh and what a laugh. For me today the fun was having had no idea whatever of what I was going to come up with when I began to write the poem.

I wrote this for  Miz Quickly’s November 28 Prompt … which alas, I came upon  late, since she has put up a daily prompt for all of November.  must say that it was a lot of fun and that it is one of the most interesting prompts that I’ve ever come across … Many thanks Miz Quickly!

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