Reflections at a Water Fountain – Circular Poem and Hay(na)ku – November 28, 2015

leaf in the water

Reflections at a Water Fountain

tumbling water splashing
dashing an autumn leaf in cold water
[alter of mystic autumn rites]
ignites my imagination:
all life issued …
spewed – from water but, oh, the change
strange – and somehow, humbling
tumbling water splashing


water splashes
autumn’s red symbol

reflecting I saw
life’s evolution

© G.s.k. ‘15


Poetry challenge #7: Circular poem

“The rules are simple. A circular poem is one that goes round full circle. The last word of the first line rhymes with the first word of the following line and so on until you end up back at your first line.

Lines can be any length, it’s the rhyme that’s important. Ideas and images can be as stream of consciousness as you like, theme, whatever springs to mind.”   Jane Dougherty

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22 thoughts on “Reflections at a Water Fountain – Circular Poem and Hay(na)ku – November 28, 2015

    • I really liked how this one came out .. I took quite a few photos of that fountain and then decided to take some photos of the inside of the fountain … Happy you have a similar photo – someone else had the idea before me!


          • Oh it’s UP–I found an odd photo to accompany it, a dragon “snowman” (snow-dragon); doesn’t really go with the poem, but maybe a little bit, if winter is sometimes a metaphor for passing time and loss–and it fits the coming season 🙂


          • I can’t really say. I get daily posts from you, not instant (you are prolific my dear and fill up my mailbox 😉 ) I imagine that when I do get to my mailbox I’ll find your work … for the mo’ , I’ve got to go eat breakfast and get out of my jammers 😉


          • Ah yes, daily would be sufficiently frequent–sorry to be filling up your mailbox! I used to only post once daily–but, I don’t know–things changed; maybe I feel my time is running out, and wish to get as much said as I have in my heart…or maybe I’m just addicted to too many prompts…crazy woman that I am 🙂


          • Nah … don’t worry about filling up my mailbox. I have been known to write 7 or 8 posts a day … and others I know do just about as many. It’s easier in these cases to get daily posts – groups them all together.


          • Since I use the WP Reader, and check it usually twice a day, I manage to stay current. I’ve noticed that some blogs now require readers to click on the blog proper, to read the entire post–so as yours was one of them, rather than clicking back and forth, I waited till the end and went to your blog so I could catch up on what I’d missed. Much less nerve-wracking 🙂


          • Hmm that’s interesting, because outside of Poet’s Corner which requires its writers to use the read further thingy I never give indications that one should have to visit my post to read it. I might try with the WP Reader, because I’m making no headway with the notifications … they tend just to build up over the days … I usually wind up just going to someones blog – as you say less nerve-wracking..


          • I suspect that perhaps WP has ‘fixed’ it so that it’s necessary to “read further” on the blog–maybe certain themes, I don’t know. I recommend the Reader–although I know some people just refer to their blogroll, go down the list. But if all your followed blogs don’t post each day, then you waste time clicking on them…. it’s always “somethin'”, ya know?


          • Hmmm … I don’t have a blogroll … I sometimes use the reader, sometimes read my e-mail and sometimes go through the Mr. Linky links where I’ve written … and then there’s the notifications of who’s commented etc (which is where I am right now.)


  1. reflecting I saw
    life’s evolution

    Good to reflect on the process arising from an episode Only a poet is empowered with this talent. And you’ve shown it here Georgia!



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