Distorted but Accepted – Blitz Poem – December 2, 2015

Distorted but Accepted

just so many mirrors
just images distorted

distorted but illusive
distorted and unloved

unloved by the viewer
unloved and be damned

damned visions of hatred
damned visions of fear

fear of the shadows
fear of what’s in my head

head full of impressions
head full of duty

[duty to be perfect
duty to please

please all of the teachers
please all of the world

world of competition
world of judgments

judgments and condemnations
judgments of my failures

failures to conform
failures to perform

perform like a monkey
perform like a clown

clown, clown cry and wail
clown (the joke is on me)

me and my shadow – my mirror
me seeing myself in you]

you walk bright and tall
you know everything

everything is a lesson
everything is your show

show and tell everyday
show everyone how bright you are

are you too aware …
are you too like I am

am I your mirrored reflection
am I your accuser and Nemesis

Nemesis to be defeated
Nemesis or no, maybe an ally

ally to be cultivated
ally to be understood

understood and embraced
understood and accepted

accepted as part of yourself
accepted with compassionate love



© G.s.k. ‘15


Photo Challenge #89 December 1, 2015  and  Writing Prompt #135 “We hate most in others, what we dislike in ourselves”








24 thoughts on “Distorted but Accepted – Blitz Poem – December 2, 2015

  1. This is a powerful, powerful piece Georgia the repetition really hits it home, all those nagging insecurities, the judgments, the expectations, the daily grind wearing you out, wearing you down. As you move through the piece it is like having an awakening. The ending is filled with wisdom and compassion and it dissolves the tension you built in the beginning. Perfect!


    • Thanks Yves. This is one powerful, powerful prompt you put up and I thought that the Blitz would be the right form for it. It doesn’t give a lot of space for meandering and apologizing – and it keeps one from becoming too flowery as well, it’s about one of the most straight-forward forms that I know. I’m happy you enjoyed the poem … thanks so much for your great critique. 🙂

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  2. Very powerful. The image and Yves’ prompt go together so well in your piece.
    Even I was immediately taken by the form of the poem — off to find out about blitz poetry. I think I figured out some of it’s structuring.


  3. thanks for sharing your response to the photo prompt – and including the other prompt as well – so effectively done!

    You really chose the right form for the correct impact – the words, the repetition, such power and force – wielded as a weapon – so harsh, critical … yet the turn, the realizations and understanding of allowing for compassion – self -love and forgiveness. Brilliantly executed with such resonance and definitely universal appeal. Great job Georgia!

    Cheers ~ Pat


    • Thanks so much Pat … and that was quite and introspective prompt requiring a bit of stark lighting … and your photo seemed to fit the bill too … a mannequin … fantastic. Glad you enjoyed the poem. Have a great weekend. Georgia.

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        • I’m not sure what you mean … “what’s going on with my link”, but I’ll presume you’re speaking of how I link the photo with the poem and try to explain my thoughts when I chose to use the photo.

          The poetic form seemed to fit the bill for Yves writing prompt – a form that allows for very little sticky sweetness … I’ve said in the past, it’s a lot like word association used in some forms of psychoanalysis (I think it’s becoming the fashion now of speaking of stream of consciousness – not sure though) … the photo of the mannequin brought to mind the outward public figure that one presents to the world (and sometimes to oneself), the mask as it were of perfection … the materialistic outward form … there must be a reconciliation between the outward structure we’ve adopted and what we really are … a responsible acceptance of whom we are in all our aspects, even those that are least loved, in order to find compassion and finally peace – first of all for oneself and therefore for others. Of course I didn’t explain all that to myself … I just said … this photo is perfect for the poem and form …

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          • Okay …. thanks for all that …. didn’t mean literally – but I do appreciate your explanation Georgia … I guess it’s my mistake on not being clear…. there is this “odd” polldaddy.com link that keeps appearing under your comments – but nested within it … and I thought, hmm…. maybe you’ve set up a poll …. but when you click on it …. it opens in a new frame as a whack of HTML ….


  4. Once we finally figure that loving ourselves comes first…we end up encountering those who have found less of themselves who want to take more from us.

    That mirror…from the first calm surface of water to the polished one in gilded frame… who is it to say we are robbed – when we forget to trust ourselves?

    All the BeeBee’s are just mystery snippets. At least so far 😉

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    • I heard it said what you’ve just written .. those who have not found themselves have and will always be there I think it’s just that we don’t usually see them .. and there will always be those who would love to depend on you too (in fact I think that some people really enjoy the power this gives them over other people) … you’re right though … the first person with whom we must be loving and compassionate is with ourselves .. and this helps us to become loving compassionate people and it also helps us not be resentful of those who would lean on us.

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