Molly and Louis – Friday Fictioneers – December 4, 2015

Roger Bultot (2)

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Molly was seventeen and had lived on her own since she was fourteen, from the day her father, drunk as usual had tried to take her to bed.  Luckily he’d fallen into a stupor, so she rifled his wallet and set space between them.

Now she worked as a waitress in the cafeteria of an office conglomerate next to an old factory.  The money was ok, plus she had all she needed to eat. She’d found a small work shed that she’d cleaned up and made homey.  Just she and her cat Louis lived there.

She didn’t feel at all homeless.


4 DECEMBER 2015 – Friday Fictioneers

21 thoughts on “Molly and Louis – Friday Fictioneers – December 4, 2015

    • Self-reliance in one so young does show promise for the future … though it’s perhaps a shame she would have had to grow up and fend for herself so young. Thanks for reading!


    • Thanks Paloma … I’m only happy to say that, perhaps a Molly does exist somewhere in the world, among the 7 billion people of this world … I’ve just never met her yet … the trait I was interested in conveying was the lack of feeling homeless because her home is within. In a real-life scenario though I think that young people in this sort of position rarely are able to go far in life.

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