The Narrow Road (3) – Troiku – December 6, 2015

The narrow road

on the road – illness
cold wind howls and blast of rain
warm light beacons

on the road – illness
lonely thoughts of passing on
as darkness thickens

cold wind howls and blast of rain
drown the morning sun
the willows bow

warm light beacons
from the windows of an inn
welcome haven

© G.s.k. ‘15



Carpe Diem #873 Deeper into the North: men of this world; picking up rice seedlings; backpack and sword

Today’s troiku was inspired by this extract:

I stopped overnight at Iizuka. I had a bath in a hot spring before I took shelter at an inn. It was a filthy place with rough straw mats spread out on an earth floor. They had to prepare my bed by the dim light of the fire, for there was not even a lamp in the whole house. A storm came upon us towards midnight, and between the noise of the thunder and leaking rain and the raids of mosquitoes and fleas, I could not get a wink of sleep. Furthermore, an attack of my old complaint made me so ill that I suffered severely from repeated attacks while I rode on horseback bound for the town of Kori. It was indeed a terrible thing to be so ill on the road, when there still remained thousands of miles before me, but thinking that if I were to die on my way to the extreme north it would only be the fulfillment of providence, I trod the earth as firmly as possible and arrived at the barrier-gate of Okido in the province of Date.

© Basho in The Narrow Road To The Deep North 

10 thoughts on “The Narrow Road (3) – Troiku – December 6, 2015

  1. Wow, I quickly run out of superlatives for your writing; it’s always exquisite, Bastet. Also, please note that I may not be as chatty this month, depending on time and energy for blogging 🙂


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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