Blood-crows – Wordleing – December 8, 2015

Blood-crows hover o’er the land,
Tracking down empty men’s apathy
‘Til thrown one dreaded night, was
A gauntlet through a tiny aperture.
“Reach out reach out for life’s vein
And hammer in these coffin nails”
Came a ghostly marauder’s refrain.
“Men still sip stale Empyreal belief –
So we raise fanatics for their graves,
Let’s hang them then with a ladies corset
Pulled up by archaic whalebone stays.”
Was it a marauder or a pious holy man?
No matter, another field of death was sown,
Hear now – yet another blood-crow caws.


1.Vein 2. Track 3. Throw 4. Fanatic 5. Blood-crow (a person who scavenges battlefields for treasure) 6. Nails 7. Reach 8. Aperture (an opening, as a hole, slit, crack, gap, etc.) 9. Apathy 10. Dread 11. Whalebone (an elastic, horny substance growing in place of teeth in the upper jaw of certain whales, and forming a series of thin, parallel plates on each side of the palate; baleen. a thin strip of this substance, for stiffening a corset.) 12. Empyreal (pertaining to the sky; celestial: empyreal blue, pertaining to the highest heaven in the cosmology of the ancients. Formed of pure fire or light: empyreal radiance.)

Wordle #88 “December 7, 2015”

11 thoughts on “Blood-crows – Wordleing – December 8, 2015

  1. Makes me think of the Civil War of the US (well really all wars) when so oft after a battle before the dead can be buried those seeking any glint of treasure crawl…
    And Death, is Death a waiting mad-man or the most sane of those who wander such fields?

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    • Yes … battle fields must be a terrible sight to see … I shudder to think. For the birds the bodies are just so much food, nature is not shocked by her winged creatures nor does she judge the choices of men … Death is always in the offing, awaiting to do its duty … we want to find a moral in all this, a reason or a lesson … the only lesson though is that we walk this Earth for a certain number of days .. and they can be a wonderful time or they can be hell … but life came before us and will be there after us, ours is to choose how we want our passage to be, sometimes.

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