She’ll Call Someday – Free Verse – December 8, 2015


A ragamuffin – an orphan Annie
[or could she be a Raggedy Ann]
her innocence lies in her smile
illusive and sombre as a child’s
yet her hair flares out and flies
[a witch’s mane in moonlit skies]
enchantress – she’ll call to you
you’ll reply that you always knew
there’d come a day when she’d call
[that would be the day of your fall]
but for now … she’s just a fantasy
tickling behind your fragile sanity.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Photo Challenge #90 December 8, 2015

23 thoughts on “She’ll Call Someday – Free Verse – December 8, 2015

  1. Wow! this is an amazing amazing free verse Georgia! I absolutely love it!

    Fascinating and descriptive, with just enough room for the mind to wander free … questioning sanity? – which is totally mind-blowing!

    her innocence lies in her smile
    illusive and sombre as a child’s
    yet her hair flares out and flies
    [a witch’s mane in moonlit skies]

    these lines …. not only incredibly poetic – but delicious in capturing the essence of a “wild child” smile and face ….

    Wow – I am totally amazed – and love it! Thanks for sharing such an evocative and inspired response to the photo prompt!

    Cheers ~ Pat

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    • Oh Pat .. your comments are so beautifully articulated, I’m always very happy to read them. Thanks for this lovely critique, it helps me to understand what people find enjoyable in my work. Have a great day.

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      • it’s my pleasure Georgia … I try to offer something personal – yet that has “bite” (not hard or hurtful, but umm…. “professional” if I may be so bold?!)

        oh … and by the way … if this means anything …. that damn link to a polldaddy thingy is showing up as part of your response again …. for whatever that is …


        • I really can’t say what it is … it pops up every once and awhile on the notifications page … and not for everyone. Go figure .. I’ve chosen to ignore that annoying thing as I don’t seem to be able to figure what the problem is..
          I like your policy .. hard to emulate though .. but much appreciated.

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          • LOL …@ the odd link thing …. good attitude to adopt there … since it’s basically as far as I can tell … nothing more than a pain in the butt … and since it’s kind of odd … but seems harmless … then, why try and waste time with all the dynamics …. so annoyingly weird, perhaps? but I can live with it.

            Well … sometimes it’s just hard to find “teeth” to something … and honestly, sometimes it’s just not the “right place” to offer … and that’s okay too ….. we do as we can and feel right …. inner compass is the best guideline … and apologizes for the delay in responding …

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          • Too right … no need to worry about what you can’t change … even if it is annoyingly weird … no problem for the delay … we all also have a life 😉 and I understand your point here, well taken.

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