The Winding Road – Circular Poem – December 8, 2015

“Gentle, go on yonder winding road,
Snowed under by this winter’s crop ..
Stop not but wander until you find
Entwined bright green mistletoe vines …”
Whispered pines (teases dressed in green
E’en as others must go bare)
“Care not for false form or cheating,” say they
“Play the game fair, be not judgmental!
Gentle, go on yonder winding road.”

© G.s.k. ‘15


The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #14

(5) Words: | GENTLE | WANDER | TEASE | GAME | FORM |

Last week for The Secret Keeper’s weekly writing prompt, Jane Dougherty  wrote a love Circular Poem which I admire very much … enough to write that I felt tempted to try a second Circular Poem … having said it, I felt committed .. but it wasn’t until today that I felt inspired.

34 thoughts on “The Winding Road – Circular Poem – December 8, 2015

  1. Wonderful poem, utilizing the poem’s form to its potential to conjure a rhythm and cadence, aligning it with the sentiment expressed. Having tried this form once (more in the future I hope), it is that first and last line that create the great challenge; the poem’s success depends on the power of that line to begin and end. Your line is so strong, combining gentle with life’s journey, the rest of the poem elaborating it with it being Nature voice’s, urging peace and loving-kindness regardless of whether others behave in such a way.


    • Thanks you sir, I enjoyed this splendid critique, and of course, the trick isn’t so much in the end-beginning rhyme pattern but finding a smooth convincing way to get that first line to become your last line. This was my second Circular poem and I’m beginning to really like it very much.

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  2. I will start out by saying I love the mistletoe, the perfect image for your round of poetry. Being new to circular poetry, I am more than impressed at the verse you created including all five words so perfectly. Jane is showing me the way of circular poems. Your example is so beautiful. Your rhyme and rhythm so well executed. I think circular poetry is going to be making the rounds [ ow!] more frequently. I do believe it will be a curious challenge for us poets out here.My attempts shall be in private until I feel my grasp has a hold on them,

    Thank you for entering the (5) word challenge! – jk.


    • Thank you Secret Keeper … I’m really impressed with Jane’s form of the circular poem … the internal rhyming adds to the form and really challenges the writer too. I’m also new to the circular poem and this is just my second attempt with this particular form … but I do think it has a future in my future writes as well.

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      • I finally tried my hand at a combined form of circular poetry and ’28’ form. They have similar rules. I ended up submitting the circular version to Jane and the ’28’ form I used for my (5) word challenge this week. It posts on Friday 18th Dec. If you check my POETRY page at top of blog you will find it. Open. I have started collecting a variety of poetry styles with the best definitions I am able to find to give explanations. I plan on keeping this Page growing as I learn more.

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