Fairy Tales and Giant’s Alley – Innsbruck – December 14, 2015

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At the Christmas Market in Innsbruck, children of course are not forgotten!  All throughout the alleys of the Old Town there are 28 life-size sculptures of fairy tale and legendary heroes and 4 giants who guard the street corners and light installations light up the evening.  In the evening from 4:30 until 5:30 a fairy tale Theatre Wagon stops in town with a daily performance of one of the many Brother Grimm’s tales.

14 thoughts on “Fairy Tales and Giant’s Alley – Innsbruck – December 14, 2015

    • A lot of the pre-politically correct fairy tales were really pretty hideous, they had another view or goal or whatever when it came to children’s stories. Of course we have television, news, horror films et al to introduce our children to the horrors and dark side of life … so now our books for children are sanitized of the horrors of “what would happen if” with some sort of moral hidden behind wrong choices and the existence of monsters.

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    • I think this is something the city counsel or the tourist bureau came up with fairly recently. However the smells are the same – with the addition of wurstle, sauerkraut and fantastic fried potato curls from the stands placed all over the fair!


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