The Narrow Road (9) – Haiku and Tanka -December 15, 2015

Starlings over the Inn, Austria

pastel colours
first sunset flight of starlings
mountains block the sun

the Inn’s rapid flow
where does it start – where its end …
smell the frosted air
mixed with mulled wine and chestnuts
as the river flows on by

these cherry blossom blooms
in the autumn cold

my ancestor’s home
wandering the streets
perhaps where my ancients walked
many Christmases ago

© G.s.k. ‘15

My mind remains in Innsbruck – a part of my family came from the Austro-Hungarian empire – immigrating to the United States in the late 1800s.  A part of the family originated most likely in Budapest, we know because of my Grandparents last name, but most likely they expanded all over Austria.  Walking in Austria caused me to speculate … and my mind wanders – seeking memories I don’t actually own but for these impressions of one day walking through this splendid part of Innsbruck, the old city.

Carpe Diem #879 On our way to Mogamigawa: summer rains, admirable

I climbed Mount Gassan on the eighth. I tied around my neck a sacred rope made of white paper and covered my head with a hood made of bleached cotton, and set off with my guide on a long march of eight miles to the top of the mountain. I walked through mists and clouds, breathing the thin air of high altitudes and stepping on slippery ice and snow, till at last through a gateway of clouds, as it seemed, to the very paths of the sun and moon, I reached the summit, completely out of breath and nearly frozen to death. Presently the sun went down and the moon rose glistening in the sky. I spread some leaves on the ground and went to sleep, resting my head on pliant bamboo branches. When, on the following morning, the sun rose again and dispersed the clouds, I went down towards Mount Yudono.

snow gives its scent to
the south valley

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

19 thoughts on “The Narrow Road (9) – Haiku and Tanka -December 15, 2015

    • 🙂 that Inn my dearest is the river which flows through Innsbruck .. and the air is pregnant these days with mulled wine and chestnuts because of the Christmas fair. Thanks for dropping by and glad it inspired you (for indeed I did play with the river’s name just a little)! BTW is there monthly haibun up at dVerse this month?


        • Oddly enough I know almost nothing about Hungary … I only recently discovered this link with my Grandparents last name and its origin in Budapest. From the best of my knowledge, and you know how that can be … the family came over either from Austria or Germany. The name can be found in both countries, but usually its Austrian. The majority of my family comes from Germany … my father’s mother’s name though was Countryman and I know absolutely nothing about her at all.


          • How interesting, cara! For years my mother used to say that her father’s family was of German descent and they altered their name to Daudelin. About 10 years ago I went for a massage in my hometown and the therapist had the same name. I joked and said “tu dois être parent de la fesse gauche” She explained we were probably distant cousins and originally from France. So I am French,Irish,Welsh or English (need confirmation there)

            Liked by 1 person

          • Know what you mean … my family doesn’t really know much about where they came from … got lost as they integrated. But the area in the States (southern Illinois) where both sides of the family settled in the late 1800s are mostly Germans … earlier settlers were French and some Anglos. Of course now days it’s even more of a mix up.


          • That is so strange … sometimes some people do and at other times they don’t … I use the thumbs up and down on my blog .. maybe it’s that. I’ll try to deactivate it later and see what happens.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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