Assistenza al Pubblico (Assistance to the Public) – Haibun – December 18, 2015


The dark

Chiusa in un silenzio nato dallo sconforto, rifletto sulla natura umana. Ognuno in realtà, malgrado sia nato in una comunità, ragiona e cammina come un’entità, solo.

Inutile parlare di solidarietà.  Raramente, per quanto esprimiamo i buoni sentimenti, andiamo oltre il nostro comodo, i nostri sentimenti ed i nostri bisogni.

Quando succede, e succede prima o poi, che abbiamo bisogno di chi ci stia vicino, perché ci troviamo proiettati in un mare sconosciuto, quelli designati per aiutarci non solo non ci aiutano, ma ci creano ulteriori sconforti. Questo non perché le persone siano cattive o senza cuore, no. E’ perché sono esseri umani, pieni di buoni sentimenti certo, ma impregnati dei propri bisogni, a tal punto da non accorgersi di quanta sofferenza creano a quelle persone che si sono ripromessi di assistere.

Ognuno in realtà, malgrado sia nato in una comunità, ragiona e cammina come un’entità, solo …

quest’alba d’inverno
una lacrima

© G.s.k. ‘15

Closed in my silence, born from discouragement, I reflect on human nature.  Each one of us, though born in a community, thinks and walks alone, a single entity.

It’s useless to talk about solidarity.  Usually, for all that we talk and express these warm feelings, we rarely go beyond our own comfort, sentiments or needs.

When it happens and it happens sooner or later,  that we need someone near, because we find ourselves projected into uncharted waters, those designated to help us, not only do not help, but create further suffering.  This is not because these persons are bad or heartless, no, it’s because they’re human beings, certainly full of good feelings, but brimming with their own needs to such a point that they are unaware of the suffering they create to those whom they’ve promised to assist.

Closed in my silence, born of discouragement, I reflect on human nature.  Each one of us, though born in a community, thinks and walks alone, a single entity.

this winter dawn
a tear

© G.s.k. ‘15

Carpe Diem Special #187 Georgia’s 3rd, a haibun “idyllic spring”

16 thoughts on “Assistenza al Pubblico (Assistance to the Public) – Haibun – December 18, 2015

  1. Capisco il tuo sconforto, Georgia, tutti lo abbiamo provato anche molte volte nella nostra breve esistenza. L’unica soluzione che io ho trovato, per quanto mi riguarda, consiste nell’amare se stessi. Mi ripeto spesso la frase di Marsilio Ficino -Me ipsum honeste amo-

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    • Grazie Elena … purtroppo so che questa è la storia di tutti … tanto più che ognuno, come ho detto nel haibun, prima o poi attraversa momenti difficili quando debba dipendere da persone estranei senza che questi ci conoscono. Siamo solo una “pratica”, chissà forse anche dei scocciatori che scombussolano il loro benessere. Credo che Marsilio Ficino sia saggio … un abbraccio.


  2. Cette triste réalité nous pèse comme un duvet de plomb. Qu’importe les gens qui nous disent que nous ne sommes pas seule, il y a des passages que seule une personne peut y cheminer. C’est vraie…il y a toujours quelqu’un par contre qui est là, loin ou près, qui pense à toi, attend pour t’accompagner quand le chemin ouvre un tout petit plus. En attendant la nature et ta silhouette de suit toujours. Know that you are in my thoughts every day, cara. x

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    • Thanks you Cheryl-Lynn, so che tu mi sei sempre vicina … capita d’avere momenti di sconforto, che fortuna, passa. Camminiamo soli, è una verità, ma qualche volta abbiamo la fortuna d’avere amici che ci pensano e ci scaldano il cuore. I thank you for existing my dear friend. xx


      • My only satisfaction(dark humour still) times a government robot recites his script in a monotone voice coming to question number 10.b what is this person’s civil status…my response the four letter word in my monotone voice…and the pregnant pause afterwards.The pause is robot starts listening like a human.

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        • Ah … no that you come to mention it … with the real human I only got a shocked holier than thou huff (I was supposed to have an appointment and when the twirp in an arrogant tone, as if to say that I was an complete idiot kept saying, well you’ll just have to come back tomorrow ’cause she isn’t here, I said in a normal tone a very bad word and walked out of the office.) that robot sounds like a winner to me.

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  3. Oh Georgia … this touches me so deeply. We all want to be “there” for our friends and our loved ones … but sometimes our own pain is so deep and our troubles so overwhelming, we just slip, we fail, we fall. And I’ve been terrible in this regard lately.

    Please know that though I fall out of touch sometimes, I do not forget you, dear heart.

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    • The haibun refers not to my loving friends, but to bureaucrats, a totally different class of person. I’ve encountered over these last few weeks with problems that had become seemingly insurmountable thanks to smiling, “sympathizing” sunny bureaucrats with sweet tongues. But I know that even they are just people with their problems. That’s how life works – I’m sure that they sincerely want to help when I’m there, then when I leave they put my file on a pile of other files and voila … lost and forgotten.

      You’ve nothing to apologize for, you’ve been a sincere and loving friend, in the end, this haibun is just a reflection on our human condition. Big hugs.

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      • Ah yes … bureaucrats …. now that I can understand. Having dealt with a few myself these days. Ugh. Thankfully I had a young (un-burned-out) caseworker this week who really did want to help and did follow through. … not the norm, lemme tell ya. But I agree, yes, they’re all well-meaning but overwhelmed.

        I’m so glad you aren’t upset with me …

        With hugs.
        And more wine. I’ve grown to love a great pino grigio from Italy these days. 😉


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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