20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – December 30, 2015

          • Sounds great … hope you’re having a great time and most of all you’ve completely overcome the health problem that cropped up last year.


          • The health is so much better thanks. I think all the fresh air did me good. When we first came out here we did a lot of hiking in the mountains. The pine air and the exercise helped a lot. I also started to work out, which was really hard on me, but has gotten better overtime.I love the mountains, but not sure it is a place I would want to live forever. That played into our decision as my husband accepted a job offer. It happens to be an overseas assignment! Not something we thought we would do so soon… maybe in years. I still haven’t had the chance to post about it. we are moving to the sand, surf and sea in the Caribbean!

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          • OH my … I’m absolutely envious! I’m so happy that you’ve recovered, the wilds of Canada might not be as fun as a larger city, but can’t beat it for the air! … I think the air in China must be pestilential – a shame. And the Caribbean … my oh my … let me repeat, I’m simply and totally envious!

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          • I am envious too since I cannot go yet. I hope to visit in March and then move in July. So I must deal with the cold and snow :\( The air here is much better, even in the city. China is really bad this year for air quality, so I am glad we are not there.


          • I know what you mean having to face the cold and snow … but only as a theoretical memory .. still for me 0° C seems way cold .. all relative I guess. At least you’ve got March and July to look forward to .. and I too am really happy you’re out of China … I love Chinese history or mythology but I think it’s not a place I’d want to live in … maybe visit though.

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          • It is a very cool place. I highly recommend a visit. It is hard to live there with the pollution. It seems to be a bad year again this year. Will probably get worse before better. I am glad we have clean air here! Sunny skies all the time and beautiful clouds and mountains. They still take my breath away —in a good way!

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          • I was reading yesterday about the really bad pollution in China right now .. I can imagine that you are really enjoying the clean mountain air! Happy you’re dong well and for once I can say I’m glad your breathless ;-D


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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