The Līgo Haibun Challenge: The Meeting

First of all, Happy New Year to one and all … I hope that 2016 will be a fantastically positive year and that we all may finally begin to work for peace and learn to nurture our Mother the Earth.

That said, I was chatting with Suzanne from Art and Life about haibun and I went back to read my very first haibun ever written. I’m not sure that Basho would have approved though Issa might have 😉 . In any case I decided to reblog it today as a New Year present … Italians who love presents even give gifts on New Years …

Bastet and Sekhmet's Library

The Meeting The Meeting

“Hello Jerry! What’s new?”

“Oh hi guys!  Actually I saw those humans opened another one of their observation stations down south.”

“Further south still.  Jeez they’ve got to be crazy!” said George.

“Do you think maybe they’ve brought some beer along?” Micheal quipped.

“Couldn’t say.  If they did it wouldn’t do us any good!  Did you know a National Geographic troupe will be doing a special on the Emperors again?  I mean really, don’t see what they can possibly say more about them.” At this point Jerry regurgitated his disapproval.

“Oh too right.  Nobody has done a documentary on the Kings in ages, and we’re so much more elegant.” Chirped George in approval.

“Oh heaven’s, I’ve got to be running!  Mildred will be so off with me if I don’t go and give junior his swimming lessons.” Said Micheal as he began to waddle off.

“Micheal you are…

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