Rose Hips – Haiku – January 9, 2016

rose hips

of winter roses
all that remains now
frozen hips

© G.s.k. ‘16

Open Link Night # 163

Carpe Diem #893 Fuyusoubi (winter rose)


44 thoughts on “Rose Hips – Haiku – January 9, 2016

  1. of course – hips!
    Finally that winter rose thing makes sense.
    Have you ever sown the seeds? You can get wonderful surprises, if you are patient enough.


      • before you sow, test the seeds for viability: drop them in a jar of water.
        discard the floaters and sow the rest.
        I have had such fun with this. Free and what’s more, new roses. You can then name them.

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        • Thanks for the tip … this is a really lovely idea. Of course the roses born here will be the “throw-backs” from nature .. this sounds like it will be a very interesting project for me.


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