Kitsune and the Frog – Fairy Tales – January 23, 2016


“Grandma, before I go to bed, tell me why you have that stone frog praying near the fish pond.” the little boy said, trying to prolong having to go to bed.

And his Grandmother replied:

Go here for the full story: Kitsune and the Frog – Fairy Tales – January 23, 2016


5 thoughts on “Kitsune and the Frog – Fairy Tales – January 23, 2016

    • Hi Hank, I tried to comment on your blog, but your anti-robot security just twirls around eventually blocking my browser so here’s my comment and hope you get back here to read it!

      Poor guy … seems he’s woefully lacking in discernment when it comes to choosing a wife. He doesn’t seem to know how to choose someone with whom he can really meld with, they may be young and beautiful making him feel like a powerful wise figure to whom they may turn, but I guess it’s just an illusion.


      • Thanks Georgia Ma’am! Have been facing such difficulties from my end also. Made comments and these fizzled off. A handful was affected when Hank retraced back. Had to use twitter as in this case.Hopefully no more problems!



    • Oh dear .. I do know what you mean with things fizzling off … or more often in my case, when the little circle on my browser goes into a permanent twirl and then cuts off my internet on that computer until I shut down the browser. Do you often speak of yourself as another person or are you two people? For a year now I’ve always thought of you as Hank now I’m a tad confused by your comment.


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