The White Meadow Yoyoshi (Renga Party) January 28, 2016

If you remember from my post written on the Yoyoshi “White Dusted Meadow” renga party  began on January 24th.   Our goal is to create a yoyoshi with 44 links for fun and as a learning exercise.  Historically the Japanese often held renga meetings with the goal of creating collective poems which is what renga are.  We’re in 17 writing this collective poem.

And here’s were we’ve gotten so far!

the hokku:

white dusted meadow
remembering spring’s glory
tufts of pampas grass

© Georgia (a.k.a. Bastet)

crystals and flakes a jigsaw
blanket covering earth’s green

Warmth forsaken
puzzle of colors scatters
-Balloons depart
At the end of the trail a
cleansing breath of mountain air

full moon shines
through barren tree branches
twisted shadows

one cricket, creeping
among the browning grasses

by lamplight
in front of the frosted window
ignoring our reading

the cricket asks for the dawn
in sweet tones of love for you

3 thoughts on “The White Meadow Yoyoshi (Renga Party) January 28, 2016

in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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