NaHaiWriMo! February 1, 2016

Hello Folks!  I just discovered from Rick Daddario  that today begins the month-long NaHaiWriMo—National (and International) Haiku Writing Month!  This is something about the event: which began in 2011:


To participate in National Haiku Writing Month, please visit the NaHaiWriMo Facebook page (you may need to have a Facebook account) and join the discussion and sharing there. The primary page is English, but you’ll find NaHaiWriMo pages in French and Bulgarian, too. There’s no registration or other means to confirm your participation—it’s completely on the honour system. Likewise, we offer no prizes except the satisfaction of writing one good haiku each day, if you can manage it. You are free to share some of your haiku (please, not all of them!) on the NaHaiWriMo Facebook page. If you’re not on Facebook, please email Michael Dylan Welch to share your commitment to writing one haiku a day in February (in your email message, please indicate your name, where you live, and whether you’re a member of any haiku groups). On Twitter, you can also use the #nahaiwrimo hashtag.
Note: Participation on the Facebook page has continued without stopping since NaHaiWriMo started in February of 2011. Daily writing promptshave been provided by guest prompter’s every month since the site started, and many hundreds of people post their poems and comments. The community that has resulted is warm, supportive, and enthusiastic. You can read more about this enthusiasm on the Comments page. Because NaHaiWriMo now seems to last all year, perhaps it should be called NaHaiWriYear. And because it has attracted participants from around the world, it’s hardly just national, either! Come join us!

See you there …

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