The Mage – Free Quatrain – February 5, 2016

Secure in my perfect sense of time
I walk alone in these dark days
Avoiding distortions and traps
That would confound another mage

Secure in my perfect sense of time
The continents change transforming
This water-world’s blue appearance
As I move my mouse to and fro

Secure in my perfect sense of time
A call comes from the highest realms
Alas this mage must go to school
My mother shouts: “you’ll miss the bus!”

© G.s.k. ‘16



(5) Words: | SENSE | SECURE | WALK | TIME | ALONE |

10 thoughts on “The Mage – Free Quatrain – February 5, 2016

  1. Levels of mystery and knowledge.In your perfect sense of time, I do believe you are demonstrating the transformation of time from one era into the next and into the present. If I see what you are saying it is intriguing. If I am just seeing what I think is there, your mystery is safe, But somehow, I see a touch of mysticism in your line ‘Secure in my perfect sense of time.’ – jk

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    • 🙂 jk … there are many ways this poem can be read .. something as superficial as a youngster playing a fantasy game on the computer … to reincarnation or a voyage between two existences. One of my all-time favourite writers is Michael Ende … 😉

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        • If you’ve ever heard of the Never Ending Story, you’ve heard of Michael Ende … but of course he wrote a lot more than that … I don’t know if I believe in reincarnation or not to tell the truth. I agree that there is too much to learn in one life-time, but on the other hand if one forgets every thing and keeps repeating the same errors where’s the sense in that? I guess that I’ve the oriental aversion to the idea of the infinite futility of the wheel.


          • I like to believe in all impossibilities and see them happen. I believe you learn hear and then beyond you are instructed in what you need to do to correct what you didn’t right each time around. A continual student until you get it all correct. What comes after that only gets better. Simple version,

            I love the Never Ending Story. Great. Will have to check him out further.

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          • I really enjoyed this comment … you’ve given me some interesting food for thought. I’ve heard the idea, expressed in many different ways before – even in the more complicated version. I think logic points in this direction indeed.


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