Morning Haiku and Waka – Blog Hopping – January 11, 2016

Ducks in love

Love, what is love?  That potent attraction that pulls two people together?  No perhaps that’s hormones and little else.  Well, might it be then, the fascinating encounter with a great thinker who can mesmerize one into ecstasy with words? I think not, intellectually fulfilling perhaps, at least for a time but love, no, not love.  What about that perfect body, those lovely eyes and that suave voice.  Aesthetically pleasing perhaps, but no, not love.  We in the west, raised and nurtured on fairy tales and romantic novels, have a vague idealistic vision of love and I suspect that that vision is just an illusion.  If we search for love guided by all the nonsense that we watch on television and read in books our love affairs will be quickly over because they’re based on “fried air” as the Italians like to say.

So what is love – are there different kinds of love, or is there just Love with a capital letter?  Is that feeling you have for your dog or cat any less important to you than  the feelings you have for your child. (I can hear the scandalized voices now .. but Let’s be honest.) Don’t you get all torn up and feel miserable when your dear four-legged friend dies.  I know I still mourn my old friend Maao to the point that I never want to own another cat.

If we’re talking about sentiments and emotions, I suppose we could call a summer encounter or a meeting of minds on the internet a love affair, but if we’re looking for something deeper that involves something more universal maybe we should look within.

a quick flash
star-crossed summer loves
autumn cinders

© G.s.k. ‘16


sun and moon
lovers always separated
forever linked

this heart
one with the universe

a warm touch
the cherry tree blossoms
in love with life

attraction and repulsion
love’s paradox

© G.s.k. ‘16

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26 thoughts on “Morning Haiku and Waka – Blog Hopping – January 11, 2016

  1. I like your thoughts on love. Fried air is a great expression. I am scandalised by people who do not regard their pets with the same love as the rest of the family. …They are missing a dimension of humanity as far as I’m concerned and it shows..
    Your haiku demonstrates all the different variations of love…they are all beautiful !

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    • Thanks Cressida – I love that expression myself but I’d never tried to use it in English .. I know what you’re talking about we kind of like to compartmentalize things … in my opinion we really should go a step further than the concept of romantic love. I’m really glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂


  2. If you read about brain chemistry, there’s no doubt that we have little to do with attraction… our chemistry is in charge all the way. One kiss and our body/brain rejects someone if they are not physically right for us. The kiss is sweet for those who are good for mating and strong offspring and sour or yukky for those who are not a chemical match. That happens in an instant…that’s how fast our brains know. Men pick out women with lush hair, wide hips, etc., not knowingly, of course, but because it signals strong woman, many children. Women look for the men who are strong and able to provide food and protection for her, as well as her children. We don’t think about those things, but our brain does. It’s all about survival.

    As for love, the only real definition is the one each of us makes up for ourselves. You can look in the dictionary but that;s just a “one size fits all,” kind of thing. And I agree, kids, animals, whoever, or whatever, are loved all the same…deeply and with our whole hearts (brains).

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    • Thanks Gigi .. I really enjoyed reading your comment .. exactly … we talk about love but I’m afraid that that talk is about a man-made invention (literally). This doesn’t mean that we don’t have emotions of tenderness and passion – it only means that it’s smart in my opinion to understand what we’re talking about.


    • Thanks Candy, glad you enjoyed the post … love is definitely an intriguing subject … it can be gloriously beautiful or if used as and instrument of seduction a terribly ruinous thing. And then there’s all the lovely things in the middle .. it’s a vast subject indeed.

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