One Month of Haiga – February 16, 2016

Hello …

Sometimes we get the impression that nothing changes … everything just plods along day after day in the same old rut.  Of course, this is an illusion, an illusion inside an illusion I’m sure some Zen master would tell you.  Movement and change is all around us constantly transforming anything and everything.  When I studied shiatsu our sensei Wataru Ohashi loved to remind us that there is no such thing as perfect harmony in something alive.  You can only find a sort of balance if the object is dead.  However, if we meditate further on the reality of things, we realize that even in “unliving” objects there is constant transformation.  Nothing is ever without change, not even a diamond, the hardest mineral that we know.  This morning that idea came to mind fascinating me and so I decided to make my theme:


Here in the photo is a leaf that fell in autumn.  The grass is green from a warm moment, but as you can see,  until very recently, covered in early morning frost.  The rising sun is hot and as it comes into contact with the delicate ice crystals they immediately melt creating bright beads of water …

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