Morning Haiku (5-7-5) – March 8, 2016

a lone black feather
upon the cold cement walk
awaiting a child

skipping off to school
her feather in her book-bag
for her cat’s delight

springtime serenade
the blackbird warbles sweetly
on the picket fence

those stains and tatters
reminders of her triumphs
old blackbird apron

black bread and cabbage
supping in an old kitchen
a farmer and wife

in an old clay pot
potatoes and lentils boil
steam clouds the windows

ripe fresh raising bread
perfume of their homecoming
Easter vacation

[echoes in the yard]
his love serenades inspire
as she cooks breakfast

warm days are coming
listening to the blackbird
winter survivor

blackbirds and cook
their lives tightly connected
as the seasons pass

© G.s.k. ‘16



Any number of successful writers insist that one must read in order to write well.  I’ve been hearing this since I was very young … and recently I came across the same advice once again, this time through a blog written by Wil Wheaton (Seven Things I Did To Reboot My Life) but unlike many his reasoning made sense – one reads other people’s work to feel inspired to write oneself.   Obvious right? Well, that’s one of those obvious things that can sometimes just fly over my head.

As I’ve been saying over the past few weeks, my Internet connection has gone bad, this usually happens when it rains a lot, or so it seems to me.  So I’ve been just trying to get at least a post up (and not always successfully) without doing much reading.  This morning I decided to forget the writing (I didn’t post yesterday either) as it’s just too frustrating.  I decided to read instead and delightfully I found inspiration to write whilst reading the haiku written by a fellow blogger.

So, today my haiku are dedicated to a wonderful gentleman who writes classical 5-7-5 haiku – he writes a haiku a day, and publishes on both WordPress and Facebook.  On WordPress he publishes without embellishments .. no photos or music or whatever, just his haiku, on Facebook his work is often accompanied by his beautiful photographs.  I refer to Mark Redfearn.

Mark M. Redfearn at WordPress 

Mark Redfearn on Facebook

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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