15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – March 9, 2016

      • Yes!! GrandMama’s house was which is my sisters and mine now. It’s by the river too. We take possession when my step father moves. When I was first married we lived over the bowling alley by the tracks too:).

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        • Now that’s interesting. My grandmother’s house has since been demolished and the land sold off .. it was kind of sad to visit the town and not see the old house a few years back.


          • There was a cottage next to the house that was slowly falling into the river. My mom and her second husband lived there. After he died, they tire down that cottage.

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          • I think that most everyone has these sorts of attachments … they seem like those things that can never change because they’re tied to our early life experiences … they seem as eternal as the countryside around them …that’s why it’s so hard to overcome that sort of attachment.


          • I think you are right…I find my children are more attached to the past; even their homes are set in ways so contrary to me…I change all the time and could do without memories…they are in my heart…I am shedding lots of this by giving many things to my children now …trying to prepare for a very decluttered lifestyle.


          • I think it’s probably a part of growing up actually Cheryl-Lynn … attachment to things is more about being younger and less mature – clinging to the known or what we feel is safe and comfortable.


          • I think they are just starting to let go…I find divorce in their teens may have slowed that process; my mom passing has jolted them in a good way.


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