Morning Haiku as I Travel – March 22, 2016


spring morning
sparrows fly madly at dawn
’round the cat-woman

annoying fly
buzzing  on the glass window
trapped in winter

as the train flies by
dust raises in the still air
settling in ennui

medieval flags flying
in Padua’s squares

© G.s.k. ‘16

11 thoughts on “Morning Haiku as I Travel – March 22, 2016

  1. Each haiku captures a moment that makes me stop and be there but that third one…wow! My sister said two days ago the sparrows were swooping on the river surface …back and forth for a long time…she was at our mom’s house…wish I would have been there…just had to turn to the right and may have been in that third stanza too…although the trains pass so slowly…shunting and trailing like caterpillars as they are all cargo…long freight trains that block the entire town for way too long…boy, I don’t miss that part.

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    • What a delightful comment you’ve written here Cheryl-Lynn it’s almost a poem in its own right! Yes the sparrows have got spring fever here in Italy they’re completely mad! Hope you get to go to your Mom’s house soon. Hugs!


      • Maybe I will rent a car this Easter weekend …forecast for Sunday is 11 compared to our minus 2’s to 2C…I find that quite appropriate to have a warm enough Sunday at Easter. Reminds me when I couldn’t wait to walk to church in shoes only…what a feeling…it is almost like flying


  2. They are all beautifully written ! Among them I like the second one . it’s a natural classic ! Your Padua square must be a beautiful place a long time back . perhaps a medieval beauty ! And the haiku says it all with the word imagination ! Again a Wow !

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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