Ducks – A “Wildlife” Sketch in Six Sentences – March 24, 2016

ducks in a pond

Ducks … they’re one of the major attractions of Lake Garda and are with us all year around, having found the climate warm enough for them to avoid the long winter haul to the south.  Our “wild” variety are mallards and they’ve sometime mixed with domestic ducks creating some interesting new liveries.  This time of the year, spring, is always fun where ducks are concerned.  The males begin to search out their ladies love stalking the poor dears in groups until she gets exasperated and flies off with a “qua, qua, qua” that sounds almost like a disdainful laugh.  By June though the couples will have been formed and the chicks hatched.  The tourists arrive with their children, delighted by the families of ducks scooting along the beach and sand.

© G.s.k. ‘16



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15 thoughts on “Ducks – A “Wildlife” Sketch in Six Sentences – March 24, 2016

  1. And how many loaves of stale bread are tossed into the lake? We loved to feed the ducks at a small lake in our area. Not sure how good it was for the ducks, but it was fun.


    • Ah yes … here the local governments had to stop people from feeding the birds … we also have other water fowl as well as pigeons and sparrows. They’d become pretty aggressive towards the tourists and began to invade sidewalk cafes etc. For the most part, people do abide by the rules.


    • 🙂 Some ecologists in our area would not agree … they are not so happy with the happy mix mash between the wild and domesticated ducks… they deplore the idea of those odd domestic-mallard chicks popping up now and again.


    • Thanks, they really are and they’ve given me hours of delight. I just saw you’ve also written about ducks yesterday .. I’m off to see your splendid work! Have a great weekend!


    • I don’t mind repeats, but it doesn’t seem like this is one. WP is a bit of a bother at times about commenting et al. Or maybe it’s just the Internet, who knows.


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