8 thoughts on “Riuso 3_small

      • By the way…I wrote an experimental poem using your L’Eco poetry form, which you invented. It was when I first “heard” your name, which I wrote down in my notebook with your instructions. Also the date January 23.) It took me a long time to construct…and of course the time passed and I lost track. It was a rather complicated form but I worked it and came up with something–but then didn’t know what to do with it. It was using the painting with the farm scene/yellow roof.


        • Oh wow … I had forgotten about this poem! How fantastic you are to have written a poem using the form … and yes, it is rather complicated isn’t it! Why don’t you publish it? I’ll try to write another one tomorrow (I’m running late here and I have to write an English Conversation reading) and I’ll present it for the NaPoWriMo! That was a post I wrote for MLMM … which by the way, you can still link there on the Mr. Linky app if you like.


          • I will publish it. I saw your original post on Carol Campbell’s site, and found it intriguing…it is an interesting form. I will put it up. I’ll find the original post from you if I can. 🙂


          • I realized the problem I was having. I originally did the poem using word count…then thought I had misunderstood and switched to syllable count. So it needs a bit of editing before I publish it.


          • Actually the poem was word count not syllable count … but it could be an interesting variation to do syllable count instead … that’s usually how people create new forms or variations … I for example when I first began to write kyrielle sonnets forgot to rhyme … and that’s just one of the various “variations” I’ve made over the past three years in poetry. However, when I saw how the great poets used the forms – sometimes rendering them unrecognizable except for a few identifying lines, I said to myself – Yes … whatever the muse wants that’s fine by me!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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