A to Z challenge – Alliteration Poem (The Letter I) – April 11, 2016



Photo by Morgan Dragonwillow


Isabella and Isidoro
Imperial twins
From the Indigo Inner sea,
Indulged and strong-willed,
Wished to invoke an Indian Idol
In search of Inspiration.
The idolatrous priests
Irritated the innocent youth,
Since they indulgently ironized
(Irritating and insistently)
Upon the incongruous ideology
Of imperial illumination,
Scientific imperatives
And inspiring idolatry.
In the dead of night,
The twins invoked the idol
Without priestly interference,
(Since they were intoxicated
Inside  their inner sanctum,
A state most ingeniously induced
by an ithania felfea infusion
mixed inside the evening coffee).
The invitation to the idol issued,
The Imperial infants waited
Playing intricate cat’s cradles.
No inspiration was invoked,
But golden ichor flowed
Endowing Isabella and Isidoro
With immortality
“Impossible and inconceivable!”
They intoned.

© G.s.k. ‘16

I’m Falling Behind! #atozchallenge

I is for Inspiration with Morgan Dragonwillow

13 thoughts on “A to Z challenge – Alliteration Poem (The Letter I) – April 11, 2016

          • Oh no !! Well perhaps you are not challenged enough. That’s how good you are ;-). And thus yesterday you may need a change. Follow your heart and give yourself time ma chère amie

            Liked by 1 person

          • Actually … I think I might be burning myself out a little. Yesterday I only wrote my English lesson and didn’t even open the blog or notifications etc. I then just puttered around the house doing house work and eventually before going to lesson I watch a few old Star Trek Voyager videos … it felt like the emptiest day of my life.


  1. Incredible introduction, intense and irresistible!
    (not so sure if I’d want to be immortal!)
    Had to look up Felfea – and checked out Ichor again…

    Some days are just slower… but we must restore ourselves.
    Enjoy your quiet times. Empty is filled with healing, yes? Thus making that time most valuable.

    Liked by 1 person

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