A to Z Challenge – The letter V – April 26, 2016

Vicktor Valoure …
(To some Young Zeus)
Violent, virtuous and virile
Vied in the annual  Vulcan Viking competition,
For the most virile but truthful Viking of the year.
However, veracity sometimes failed him,
His mind went on a virtual vacation
(He became devoid of reason)
When voluptuous vapid vixens
Vocalized virtuoso operatic verbalizations!
Like a virus their vocal wiles
Vexed his moral fibre and
Vetoed his good sense.
The Valkyrie were the worst
But the subtle Veela revoked
His visceral honesty without him even knowing!
All would have been lost but for Violet Vespucci,
Vestal Virgin and friend,
Remembering Odysseus,
She vowed to whip up some vital ear wax for him.
With her wax in his ears
He felt a vrooming vibration
But heard no sound,
His veracity was saved.

© G.s.k. ‘16

9 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – The letter V – April 26, 2016

    • Yes .. nothing like a helpful Vestal Virgin to help out .. I have to recoup … I missed quite a few letters when i was ill and haven’t gotten back into full form yet. Still thanks a lot for dropping by Lynn.


  1. Wow!!! you have done the letter V proud, cara. I hope you are feeling better…did not know you were ill…je t’envoie des gros câlins enrobés de santé et bien-être:)


    • Thanks Oli … yes got a nasty bug that affected my lower abdomen .. both the water works and the garbage disposal 😉 … the mess lasted about 5 days. Now it’s nearly past – I’m down to just taking what the Italians call “lactic ferments” to re-establish intestinal flora and maybe fauna (?). I hope to make up the A to Z letters I missed …


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