Morning Haiku and Waka – April 28, 2016

the lonely swan haiga

alone –
a swan swims into view
flowers blossom


cold morning walk
north wind freezes the blossoms
snow dusts the mountains


on this spring morning
looking at the snowy mount
and cherry blossoms
turning brittle on the trees
still – the birds huddle
no song fills the morning air
grey clouds hang heavy
and the northern winds whistle
ringing the wind chimes
making the trees bow low
and then for a moment –
a single ray of sunshine
escaped through the clouds
a single blackbird
began to sing his spring song
in the herb garden
a new sprout raises its head
there’s no denying
life’s warmth is a breath away
just waiting to be perceived.


the stone wall
behind this screen holds up
my red clay tiled roof
and the nest of two sparrows
hear them twitter happily

© G.s.k. ‘16

4 thoughts on “Morning Haiku and Waka – April 28, 2016

  1. I think these verse could also be lullabies… we wait for the rewards of spring.
    I’m not sure if my link was wrong at the sight by my Shadorma nursery rhyme is here:
    In the Wahta

    I think though most of the frogs or toads will bury themselves in the mud this week as we’ve another cold dip in the weather. Odd that it was so warm last week some had thought summer had arrived.

    (One more A-Z to go… it helps to have a theme and a book of some kind to work with – I picked up my little book of inspiration at my Library book store – I may use it again as I’ve only used 26 out of about 150 or so short verses and quotes.)

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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