Journey – Experimental Quadrille – July 19, 2016

Music Box_small

Yes, the journey
began like all journeys
one step at a time

Some songs were sung
and some anthems played
yes, they shared a few tears

one became famous
one became homeless
the other died

And I – watched the music box
go ’round and ’round

© Gsk ’16

I came across this consignment from dVerse whilst visiting a fellow poet’s site (Write a poem in 44 words with the word “journey”) – it seemed interesting so I thought I’d give it a try … the poet is Candy from RHYMESWITHBUG and her poem is entitled: Summer Journeys.

Unfortunately I also read on dVerse that our dear fellow poet Vivi from VivinFrance passed away on July 5th … this will be such a loss for all of us.  My sympathies go to her family for their profound loss.

I remember when I first met Vivi – she advised me to buy Stephen Fry’s  “The Ode Less Travelled” (which I did) so that I might find a more fluent way to write poetry … rhythm instead of syllable counting (which I still like to do very much).  I’ll miss visiting Vivi’s posts an enjoying her dry humour.

And still I watch the music box go ’round and ’round … and another tear falls.

33 thoughts on “Journey – Experimental Quadrille – July 19, 2016

  1. One step at at time, yet each journey is unique. Such a lovely photo of the music box. I read that its from your mom – a treasure to keep always.

    Thanks for joining us in our 5th year celebration.


    • Thanks you Grace you’re so right each journey is unique and thanks also for the welcome .. a pleasure to see so many of you whom I’ve met over the years here and there.


  2. Your words are beautiful here….your poem and your words of explanation after. I’m so glad you posted on dVerse. From your words, you are one of the fortunate ones who met Viv and knew here in that way. Many of us, me included, only glimpsed her through her words and photos online….but this was very special too. Sometimes one’s words can provide a peephole into one’s soul. She is missed.
    Your idea of watching the music box go round and round….and connecting it to memory….rings so true. That sound of the music box seems to evoke the memories … I have the music box given to my mother as a wedding gift by my father. It’s tarnished, pearls are missing from the top…but the sound is still there and it is oh so special. Lovely writing you’ve done.

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    • Hello Lillian .. I’m not actually on of the few who could get to know Viv personally. We met through WordPress when I used to host a page on We Drink Because We’re Poets and then on Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie – we wrote each other from time to time and she led me to a different way to write poetry … I still love counting syllables but now I like to make sure that they have beat and rhythm too.

      My favourite memory as a child is of one of Mom’s music boxes which went lost over the years … it was a ballerina dancing to the Anniversary Waltz. So I can really relate to your memory here … Thanks for dropping by.

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  3. There’s an almost timeless quality to your poem: it feels like a folk tale.
    one became famous
    one became homeless
    the other died
    And the music box as a metaphor for the cycle of life, going on and on.

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    • I’m very pleased you caught onto this … it is a sort of tale … I was reflecting, yes on my present life experiences but also on life itself – how we’re all born with potential and how each of us lives up to or doesn’t to that potential – and yes I used the music box as a metaphor for the cycle of life.


  4. Hi. You have visited with us before but please, keep visiting. This poem is such a lovely example of your poetry. A lovely tribute to Viv and also, to your mom and to life. I am sorry to hear about your mom. Mine is getting even more frail and with Alzheimer’s so I feel deep sympathy, Viv’s site is still up and you can still read her words and view her photos and quilts.

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  5. A lovely and unique piece. So sorry for your loss. The music box is a great metaphor of life…when our sometimes our journey takes us round and round….
    Thanks for joining in at dVerse. Hope to see more of your work.


  6. Your poem represents something that we all can relate to and how we sometimes hold onto mementos that remind us of our loved ones. Life does go on just like that music box spinning round and round. Very poignant. My condolences too for the loss of your mother. There’s many of us who have aging and/or frail parents. It’s hard to watch them decline. Thanks for sharing.


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