September 30 DOH – September 12, 2016

haiga 12

cane fishing
gathering worms with grandma
years ago

© Gsk ‘16

44740-c14-the-first-red-leaf-1-hChallenge offered by A 19 Planets Art Blog


5 thoughts on “September 30 DOH – September 12, 2016

  1. aloha Georgia. as you know i’m way behind on link ups. still, cool on this haiga. i like the memory this brings up as well. altho it was to go fishing with my mom that i went looking for worms.

    i also want to let you know, for some reason, i found 3 of your comments in my “spam” filter. i dont know why that happened. i took them out. altho i now do not know where they went. so if i didnt respond to a comment you left, that is probably why. soon i hope to start catching up to link ups. maybe i’ll find your comments that way. until then, thank you for participating in 30doh. fun on. aloha. r.


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