Just A Note: Cookies and Net Neutrality- December 19, 2017


yesterday I was looking at my dashboard and saw a voice I hadn’t seen before under settings (I’ve been off-line for a while 🙂 ).  I thought that that was a good fight to fight but one of my readers sent me an e-mail stating:

I tried going to your site – through my email, but I couldn’t get in. Two things, one a cookie policy popped up. I’m not a fan of cookies. I hadn’t seen that before at your place. And two, the ‘Net Neutrality’ wouldn’t let me in unless I chose ‘The Make It Stop’ button to make the ‘yep still loading’ message go away. If they were going to ask for a donation… well I don’t make any donations online.

One: more or less a year ago the European Parliament voted that all websites which have cookies must declare them – our posts on Blogger, Tumbler, Twitter, WordPress etc. (including probably Facebook and who knows what) all distribute cookies.  It may be an exercise in the obvious, but people must know that you are giving them cookies with your poetry ect. (and I think my reader didn’t realize this).  If the banner isn’t on your site you can be blocked and/or fined.  That’s why you see the cookie policy notice on mine and other people’s blogs.  If you create your own site from scratch, you can probably avoid distributing cookies .. you probably won’t because if for no other reason you’ll want to know how many people drop by your site.

Two: about the Neutrality button, it is not a request for a donation … it’s to demonstrate of what could happen if the FCC repeals the Net Neutrality rules thus favouring big business, in the sense that loading times for our little sites could become very long. I live in Europe, but we all know that even the rest of the world is affected by what happens in the States and this would be a very bad change indeed for us all.

Below is the voice in  “Settings” on your dashboard “Fight For Neutrality” .   BTW I myself haven’t seen the effects of the protest button and hope there is no inconvenience for people who wish to stop and comment …. if so please let me know

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Fight for Net Neutrality

The FCC wants to repeal Net Neutrality rules. Without net neutrality, big cable and telecom companies will be able to divide the Internet into fast and slow lanes. What would the Internet look like without Net Neutrality? Find out by enabling this banner on your site: it shows your support for Net Neutrality by displaying a message on the bottom of your site, and “slowing down” some of your posts. Learn more about Net Neutrality


Protest Enabled?

9 thoughts on “Just A Note: Cookies and Net Neutrality- December 19, 2017

  1. Well yes, it does look a bit intimidating. I think there was something similar a few years back – maybe the same or a different type of protest.

    I have not seen that enable button… I work from my own documents and then cut and paste into my blogs. I work in the older settings mode because I didn’t like the new changes WP had made. Namely all the excess space between lines (that I don’t think is needed).

    Politics are a tough nut. You can’t really live without them unless one is a hermit… and then I suspect the hermit wouldn’t be on the net either.

    Cheers, all.

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    • I still use the older settings mode (the black and white one) myself, never got enthusiastic about the new one. I was surprised to see the voice and so clicked it to see what it was. I just feel more at home with the old system so I can understand that.

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  2. I didn’t know we all were cookie collectors for someone. I never accept cookies in a site, but I’ve noticed that many sites tell you they use cookies and by continuing you are accepting them. Talk about Big Brother…


  3. So pleased to see you back on here. OMG, the Orange Cheeto and his crazy people are driving me crazy. The vast majority of the US citizens support net neutrality but that means nothing to the current administration.


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