Tanka for My Haiku Pond – March 29, 2020

Sunday morning.
in the empty piaza
pigeons wander
no laughing children
chase them in play

(c) gsk’20

The request is to write a ku that reflects the atmosphere of the coronavirus in my area. I live in northern Italy.

6 thoughts on “Tanka for My Haiku Pond – March 29, 2020

  1. In the 1918 pandemic my dad lost his mother, baby sister, his father’s parents and an uncle in law in 10 days. Daddy was 4 and is younger sister was 2. Papa and his sister worked together to raise her 3 sons and one daughter as well as Daddy and Aunt Sissy. Those cousins were extra close all their lives. The trauma to the families in your country will be felt for generations. Peace and safety to you. Janice


    • Although this pandemic doesn’t seem as though it will be like the pandemic 1918, I believe you are correct it will leave it’s traumatic scars on this generation. Thanks for sharing your family’s experience with me and your sympathy. Georgia


  2. Hi — this is Jen / Paloma — I saw what was going on in Italy and was worried about you. Drop me a line at the old email address if you’d like to catch up.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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