Haibun – Day 42 and Earth Day – April 22, 2020

Haibun – Day 42 and Earth Day

It’s day 42 of the lock down here in Italy due to COVID-19 pandemic. The days are warm now, spring is all around us. My lemon, lime and kumquat trees are blooming filling the air with sweet perfume. My wind chimes tingle in the afternoon breeze. Who could believe that there is a disease that has killed thousands of people blowing in the wind.

bird song and blossoms
in the wind sweet perfume
– silent death

My friend’s wife developed a cough a while ago and she was put in quarantine (her husband and child who live with her were in quarantine too). They couldn’t leave their house for any reason, penalty a huge fine and if someone got sick because they’d done so they risked imprisonment. A health call-center called three times a day for their vitals, temperature and all that. All of their trash had to be put into two plastic bags and left outside their home for pickup. It was an innocent cough … this lasted 14 days.

through the wind
dust, pollen and COVID
– life and death

One wonders if it will end and how? Some people, not having seen death don’t believe that there is really a pandemic. Some people in the world have become violent about the lock downs and some protest that their rights are being violated. Some say our life will never be the same. Some say COVID will be with us until we find a vaccine. Who knows? Today is also Earth day.

across the Earth
skies are clear and clean

© gsk ’20

8 thoughts on “Haibun – Day 42 and Earth Day – April 22, 2020

  1. Just read one of the vaccines has failed the initial testing. The March of Dimes funded the search for the polio vaccine in the early 1950’s. It took a few years to develop a successful one. Then one company did not follow the procedures and people received vaccines that cause some to get polio. One of our long time friends was one of those folks. He wrote a book, “Seven Wheelchairs” telling of his struggles.

    Your beautiful words have me missing the lavender and other plants I had in my old garden. Take care and enjoy those precious scents.

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    • Thanks for sharing this … everyone wants answers and vaccines yesterday but it will take time. After 40 some years we do not have a vaccine for HIV … a treatment but no prevention.

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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