Autumn – September 8, 2015

green persimmons

green persimmons

drifting in the wind
dry red and gold leaves
farewell summer

cold early morning
the swallows haven’t left

green kaki (*) [柿]
autumn is still just a thought
in the cold dawn

Carpe Diem Special #165

© G.s.k. ’15

(*) in Italy persimmons are called kaki, like in Japan

Dawn Thoughts – Orchards – February 28, 2015

these pure white blossoms
nature’s springtime maiden heads
apple trees abloom

walking through orchards
red plum and pink cherry blooms
how sweet the perfume

dancing bees
joyous among the apple trees
the orchard in fest

this still spring morning
sol smiles his benediction
ah … smell the turned earth
blossoms bright sweetly perfumed
life quickens on Earth

farmers working
preparing the new autumn
under warm spring skies

© G.s.k. ‘15

Camille Pissarro

Camille Pissarro (1830-1903)

Inspired by Camille Pissarro, Spring and Carpe Diem Haiku Kai!

Dawn thoughts – An owl .. and little seriousness – February 25, 2015

 rumble chop chop chop …
the helicopter flies low
an owl screeches


the owl flies madly
around the empty court-yard
screeching loudly
alighting on a roof top
it preens its feathers


wind rumbles my roof
swooshing through the valley
clear skies at dawn


so many questions
crowd my mind this morning
what’s reality
emptiness between atoms
emptiness in space
yet … the universe dances
does god exist …
a primal force with a plan
or man’s creation:
the lonely fearful hunter
sitting whittling wood
said, I made this bow, it’s good
who made this world …
many illusions
that we think of as logic
are just fantasies
these thoughts patterns ideas
swirl in early dawn’s first light


the owl on the roof
looks around at the sun rise
his calm restored

© G.s.k. 15

Tackling Tuesday – Simplicity – September 5, 2014

Time to reflect again on Sivananda’s Song of the ’18-ity’s – today is simplicity – and on Carpe Diem Tackle it Tuesday we look into the subject simplicity through art – so go by and look into the original post which I think you’ll enjoy!

globe of orange delight
cascading petals

the child’s reply
to a difficult question
a lesson to learn
in naif simplicity
life is a wonderful game

the spider weaves
complicated webs
with simplicity

three strokes of a brush
an entire tree
painted with simplicity

autumn colors
a field of red grape vines
against a blue sky

Dawn Thoughts – A haibun – August 5, 2014

cyclamens also known as snowbread flowers

cyclamens also known as snowbread flowers

Yesterday I looked closely at a planter on my loggia where once a glorious cyclamen bloomed all winter long.  Spring came and the plant seemingly began to die.  The flowers were the first to drop off and then the leaves began to dry up … in a few short weeks there was nothing more than a withered dead thing.

I’d usually have pitched the plant but for some reason I didn’t. I put it in a shaded area of my loggia and just for the hell of it, a couple of days ago, I dumped some water on it.  I was so surprised yesterday to see that the plant has begun to sprout shoots!

Nature is such a miracle to me.  I’ve seen my mint do something similar several times.  It’ll seem all dried up and dead and then with a little water, boom, a whole mess of mint will start growing.  It’s like a resurrection.

summer morning
from withering death sprouts
a cyclamen





what is life …
it sprouts from seeming death
year after year
the land show us miracles
as each season proceeds
one into another
there’s the poetry
the wonder, the awe
each moment
just happens …
no manager can plan
the miracle of life
the first flowers …
ripening fruit on the plants
the slow death of a tree in autumn
its resurrection in spring …
what is life ….

Dawn Thoughts – August 1, 2014



dawn thoughts
walking through another day
silence my companion


trouble and strife
companions of existence …
questions without answers
solutions – new problems
we call all this living


the gull flies closely
to grab a bite of bread
the ducks squawk loudly
chasing away the bandits
the pigeon ate his fill


Dawn Thoughts – July 30, 2014

Blue Morning

Blue Morning

Another rainy morning …
How blue this summer’s been …
Wondering if I’ll see another,
Wondering if I care.
This summer’s been so tragic
More bombs, more deaths, more war
I think the Earth is crying
She’s seen so much, so farl
Rain like tear drops fall.

In this year of still more tragedy,
My sixty-second summer
My feelings seem reflected
In this constant rain that falls …
Of course I know that’s silly,
The Earth is a place of woe,
From the fight of micro organisms
Throughout nature there’s just war.

I guess I’m just so sad
To think that maybe we can
Go outside of human nature
And be more than what we are.
Melancholy feelings …
A passing moment still…
Wondering when I’ll move on,
To a happier attitude.


Siddhartha Gautama, when he was born, was visited by a great seer who told his parents that he was destined to be a great king or a great mystic prophet.   Of course his father wanted him to be a great king, like himself, so he secluded his son from the world and showed him only beauty, opulence and happiness, never allowing his son to leave the inner court of his palace.

One day though when he was of a certain age, and indeed already with a wife and son, he persuaded his father to let him ride through the village to see the kingdom, he would some day rule, outside the palace walls.  His father agreed but also secretly decreed that no old, sick or poor people were to be on the main street when his son passed through on horse back.

One old man hid near the corner of the main street, because he wanted to see the young prince and the guards failed to see him.  When Siddhartha passed he saw him and asked his friend: “What is that strange creature?” pointing out the old man.

His friend laughed and said: “That isn’t a strange creature, that’s only a very old man.  We will all become like that, unless of course we die young.”

Siddhartha was confused, he’d never seen such a decrepit human being … and what did his friend mean, die.

“What is it to die?” asked Siddhartha.  And his friend told him about death: “And you can die from accident, or sickness.  Death is always with us!” his friend told him.

Siddhartha wanted to see the truth, so he pulled his horse out off the main street and went into the village.  He saw poverty, misery, violence and he saw the very sick and very old and he saw those who had died being cremated.

Siddhartha’s heart was heavy.  He who had everything knew that someday he, like everyone would lose everything.  So during the night, he loved his wife for the last time, kissed his son and gave his favorite horse to his best friend, then leaving the palace, exchanged his rich clothing with the first poor man he saw on the street and went into the world to discover how to defeat death.

Dawn Thoughts – July 25, 2014



standing beside a precipice
looking down into the void
an impelling invitiation calls to me
with a voice like Lorelei’s …
blood rushes past my ears
a haze soon fills my brain
a sinking feeling in my gut
tells me I shouldn’t listen:

“Come to me my merry maid …
Into the sky and fly …
Like a bird, touch the wonderous clouds,
Follow me, surely you won’t die!”

to the very edge I go
two voices in my head at war …
one calls telling me to come back,
the other to take just one step more …
and then when the die seems cast
when disaster is just a step away
I step back from the precipice …
wondering … why.


quiet summer dawn
birds singing among the trees
nightmare recedes

Dawn Thoughts – July 23, 2014

Yesterday I wrote that Bastet was gone … and that’s true in the sense that my mother board fried!  So, my husband pulled out a mother board from a few we have on hand … that more or less corresponded to the standards of my old one so that I could keep using XP, my ram and CPU and my older peripherals (like my HP laser printer which is old).

We put my hard disk on the mother board after transferring the CPU and ram, with the intentions of doing a clean installation of XP … that means formatting and losing all the data that was on the “C” partition of my hard disk.  He was distracted and forgot to hit the key that would have made the cd installation disk start … and so the computer booted from the hard disk … and I mean it booted in every sense of the word … Bastet had been reincarnated!

If anyone knows anything about this aspect of computing, they will tell you that 1 in 90 hard disks with XP installed will boot up on a new system.  The old Windows 98 would … it’s just open Windows and then install the new drivers of the mother board.  Not XP or any other system based on NT … which was the fore runner of Windows 2000.  Yes, I had to install the new drivers … yes there’s some cleaning up to do … but my configuration is saved and I can use the computer, just as I have done for the past 10 years.


Now … my problem … for yes there are still problems is that my server keeps going off and on … my WP editor has gone crazy and I’m having a hell of a time writing posts … and haven’t been able to use the We Drink editor at all and this one will only let me write after I’ve done down half a page and the spell checker won’t work. And there’s much more.  Oh well … such is life.