Dawn Thoughts – July 22, 2014



sunrise in Arco
no storms today
two crows caw together


my old friend you’re gone
though I’ll have your memories
it won’t be the same
hard to replace you I know
dear Bastet … wish you were here.

(Yesterday by computer’s motherboard finally stopped working – there had been many signs over the months of its ageing, from the mysterious ticking a few months ago – although all power was off since I have a power strip to exclude all energy to my computer, printer etc. – to the weird roar each time I’d turn her on in the morning. As you see I have an alternative, but many of my photos and much of my work are locked in her hard-disk … of course there’s no problem removing it … only time to do so.)

Free Verse

The world changes in a flash!
Yet I want to believe in permanence,
That chimeric eternal illusion.
I nknow, nothing’s here to last,
In our transient world …
Close friends pass beyond us –
Never more to be return,
Leaving us to wonder
If they were just a dream or reality …
Each change brings new sorrow
To my weary heart …
And though I know tomorrow
New things will begin to start,
I grieve each little passings …
My cat, computer or a friend,
Like the closing of a parenthesis
Another closing another end.
How silly, I tell myself
Think of the wisdom of Zen …
The here and now defeats
The maelstrom of sorrow’s wind.
But my here and now is sadness
There’s no tomorrows,
In my here and now …

Dawn Thoughts – July 21, 2014



I woke up this morning at 3:00 am and decided it was far too early to get out of bed.  I might as well have gotten up because I never found sleep again … such is life.

I kept thinking about yesterday … personal things like my computer finally giving signs of giving up the ghost, she wouldn’t turn on again yesterday, although the power source had been changed – this is beginning to look very serious, it probably means the motherboard is going bad … then my router modem that did give up the ghost – I spent hours trying to get it to configure, but the computers – (I tried on two) kept saying it wasn’t connected.  I finally gave up, I’m now connecting to Internet with a normal old DSL modem.  I was kept isolated for hours …


Then my mind kept going back to tragedy … the tragedy of life, the senselessness of killing, war, indifference to human and other life, the horrors of cruelty perpetrated on innocents, fanaticism – religious, ideological or home spun personal beliefs and I could go on and on making this post a list poem of horrors that would never have an end.

One of my favorite poets wrote … after he’d written a poem entitled: Flight MH 17 this short poem:



Can you submit yourself to sing
when sorrows’ song is all there is,
and open wide the bellows heart,
receiving grief as you did bliss?

© Ye Old Foole


I’m a relativist … or perhaps a Buddhist.  In 62 years I think there has not been a second  when senseless tragedy has not been visited our poor planet. My earliest knowledge of tragedy was of the horrors of Biafra, which is now forgotten.  Throughout my youth, I lived through the deaths of the Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King, Vietnam, and the odd church tower shootings, abundant slayings and much more, not to speak of personal family tragedy.  And I wondered then, as I wonder now, how can I make a difference.

I understand the hermits who chose to live on the side of a mountain or the nuns who went into cloister to pray for the world.  But I also remember the Buddha.  Siddhartha left the luxuries of his life to find out how to defeat death … and through the agony of asceticism, he found the middle road and then enlightenment and walked in the world spreading joy and comfort.

A question oft-times heard,
How to sing in the face of tragedy
In truth, I’ve no reply …
Except to say,  we need one candle
For with just one candle,
We can light a mighty fire …
We all live in shrouded darkness
And sing often of death and pain …
When will we find something different
To change this tawdry game.

As you say the game goes both ways
There’s sorrow not only bliss …
When will the masters learn compassion …
For all the harm they’ve spawned.
And when will their passive slaves see
Behind the masks they hide?
Learning to see the senseless horror
Of mindlessly following blind.

A list of tragedy – crimson with innocent blood
Leaves me not indifferent,
But weak and without resistance
To the viral call of vengeance.

Who will be the candle
Who will sing songs of hope and joy…
If our only melody is a mourning dirge
And we’ve vengeance in our hearts.

 […] “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared” […]
Gautama Siddhartha – The Buddha

Dawn Thoughts – July 21, 2014

I read a lovely haiku by Milan Rajkumar about a deer …

brow antlered Sangai
drive for saving the lost herd
oh ! their soulful cry

In my corner of Italy, I imagine India … land of the sitar, incense, spices, sari dressed ladies and hot shimmering sun.  The usual stereotype I’m sure we all know and love, but I also know that India is a vast nation and this is only part of the story.

In Manipur, a Northeastern India, live the Sangai.

Sangai, dancing deer
binding soul of men to nature
Lives in Manipur
A gift of Torbung Lamja
Living only on Loktak Lake

They were believed to be extinct in the 1950s but six head were discovered and soon a program to preserve them was put into action and in 2000 a census showed the population had grown to 162 head.  However these deer are once again menaced by mankind as their habitat degenerates due to among other things a hydroelectric plant built in the wild life reserve and poachers.

Read here for more information and Milan’s post of course.


sparrows and swallows
singing at dawn
bind me to nature

a sliver of moon
bids the world goodbye
until August

Dawn Thoughts – July 19, 2014

Ah … the joys of the unexpected!  This morning my trusted and true computer, Bastet, didn’t want to open … she just revved her “motors” like a dragon and alas, that’s all she wrote.  I’m now writing from a netbook I’m not very familiar with (Sekhmet’s ok — just had this one at hand) and a keyboard with sticky keys.  To say it’s the pits is too bland.


ringing bells at seven
two  hours late posting
colorful metaphors


By dawn’s early light
What I’d proudly call bad luck
Struck me ‘twinxt’ the eyes
I shouted f*** then set up
An improvised work station


You twitter
Happy little bird
How joyous
Your sweet call …
But, you neither sow nor reap
Freedom is your song!

Dawn thoughts – (Haiku Morning) July 18, 2014


clouded moonlight
shimmering mystery
bat streaks past


red moon glows
over the sleeping city
early riser

moon watching
over the cranes,
soothing vision

I’m linking this set of full moon haiku to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai dedicated to Shiki but also to the moon.

Here are the wonderful poems that greeted me this morning as I read Chèvrefeuille’s post:

just a peel of light
this New Year’s colored moon –
fireworks at sea

in the pale light
of the full worm month (*)
sheep sleep

lying on the beach
with the one I love –
full moon of summer

behind her veil
she, the full harvest moon (*), hides
her pretty face

fresh fallen snow
reflects the beauty of the moon –
the scent of Christmas

© Chèvrefeuille

(*) go to the Carpe Diem link for the explanations about these particular moons.


Dawn Thoughts – July 17, 2014


blood riddled news
attractive and nutritious
Dracula teaches



among dead leaves
new life reaches for the sun
eternal cycle


Renga: Jen and Georgia


here and now
where is the other place
illusive mind

river flows where it will flow
and birch sways in the wind storm
each minute is now
there is no arguing
with the moment

walk along the path with joy
this moment’s eternal
sun smiles today
listen, the chittering birds
are scolding the rain

such useless scolding
rain falls when and where it will
moaning their fates
people and chickadees
come rain or come shine

eternal lamentations
losing sight of the moment
happy encounters
creating wonderful verse
linking hearts

setting sun and rising sun /
linked in the same moment /
poetry /
is friendship among words /
sharing a vision //

through the maze … emotions
caressing understanding
peaceful rest
then a hearty breakfast
morning rituals

riffling through the newspaper
skimming through the emails
the mourning dove preens
and ruffles his feathers
his own ritual

money bee drones fill the news
his lamenting coos remark
stealthily, sun rises
new beginnings greet us
whispering wind

held aloft by the wind
butterfly spirals higher
one yellow needle
lets go of its crowded bough –
guided by the wind

the grass strewn with dead leaves
protects the new seedlings
new life sprouts
from the mulch arises
a young tree

Jen writes from Blog it or Lose it!

Dawn Thoughts – July 16, 2014

2:30 Storm


four thirty rising
the house shook with thunder
closed out the rain
then, wrote a pixelventure
whilst the gnats feasted on me


old lady passing
each morning as always
cat meows greetings

Bright Morning – Free Verse

a beautiful sky this morning,
clear intense celestine brilliance
not a cloud to block my vision,
as though rain had never  fallen …

just an hour ago

heaven seemed to fall
shaking the house with thunder
rain poured through the windows
an awesome tempest raged

this summer’s yet begun
though July is nearly over
but our valley is so green,
the fig trees are full of fruit!

Dawn Thoughts – July 14, 2014

The Here and Now

I’ve been working a lot on my computer and trying to organize my blogs.  Putting up the “new” Blogger blog “Bastet’s Waka Library” has been a challenge at times.  Everything is more or less done for you on WordPress – but blogger has some distinct advantages, like the possibility of using different fonts, which are not to be sneered at.  I’ve got two Goggle +  accounts though and my Waka Library is irrevocably tied to one I’ve rarely used.  All my “followers” are on an account created at a later date, plus, I’ve discovered I have a Blogger account there too!  What a mess!

Another thing I’m trying to do is back up all my WordPress writing.  I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon copying and pasting the first 4 months onto Word, then creating PDF to read them on my e-reader.  There’s a lot of trash and sometimes I felt embarrassed about some of the stuff I’d written … I’m probably going to make them private in the near future.

April 2013, was when I encountered “We Drink Because We’re Poets” and became interested in a big way in poetry.  The enthusiasm of those posts are something to be seen.  I read like an adolescent who’s fallen in love!  The stuff I wrote was mostly slush of course, but maybe with a little editing I can pull out some good poetry.  The point then was the writing for the writing and pure fun.  It was a magic moment and like no other time.   I felt a vitality and sense of community which I’d never felt before or since.

Alas those days are gone, never to be repeated but I’m happy I lived them.  It was at this point that I wrote my last tanka of the day … remembering the Zen teaching of enjoying the here and now, which helps me live and enjoy each moment to it’s fullest, without regrets and without pretentious ambition.

yesterday never returns
tomorrow never comes
enjoy this sunset
its eternal here and now

church in rain


summer dreams
inviting warm reflection
drops of rain


grey mantle flung
upon the mountains and fields
endless tear drops fall
for a summer shortly lived
green forests in mist

Dawn Thoughts – July 13, 2014

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Haiku/Senryu Morning

wisteria colors
lake Garda’s evening magic
the gull mew softly

whirling summer toy
the wind plays with the children
squeals of laughter

standing in the garden
forgotten and forsaken
weathered statue

summer traffic
jostling people relaxing
ironic ducks laugh

kaleidoscope world
Arco’s summer confusion
daily jostling crowds

storm warnings
clouds thicken the skies
the cock crows

purple skies
silent contemplation
each morning unique