Just a Note – My e-book is up! December 7, 2015

Book Cover

Book Cover

Hello Everyone!


My e-book, “Old Bamboo Wind Chimes (Peace of Mind)” , a collection of original haiku and waka I just finished writing is up on Carpe Diem Haiku Kai as of today.  You can click HERE to see the announcement and eventual comments about the book  and HERE to read on-line and eventually down-load the book.  You might remember on last week’s Just a Note I wrote all about the book and how it came to be that I was publishing with Chèvrefeuille’s Publications. The haiku below is the winning haiku with the photo I used to illustrate it in the new book.

Old Bamboo Wind Chimes

rain drips
off old bamboo wind-chimes

I was so excited to send the completed e-book off that ,unfortunately, I didn’t think to send Francesco Neri’s original cover-design to Chèvrefeuille (tell the truth I myself at this moment don’t have the original completed book-cover design myself!).  I hope to e-mail it to Chèvrefeuille some time today.  I’ll also add a link to the book at the side of my blog sometime later (I’ve got a full schedule this morning) … hope you enjoy the book!

Ciao,  Georgia


Just a Note … December 1, 2015

autumn tree

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I didn’t post and will be a little late posting today since I’m preparing an e-book for Chèvrefueille’s Publications .. I think I wrote somewhere that my haiku:

rain drips
off old bamboo wind-chimes

won first prize for the Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – October Kukai, and that prize is publication of an e-book of my work and presentation of my work on CDHK during the month of December.  I was going to delve into my archives of published haiku and waka, but as I began to write the first lines in the book, I changed my mind and decided to write a new collection of haiku and waka for the book.

Now I’ve finished the first draft …  Francesco Neri who writes on Word Press under the pen-name of  Sisko Black on VETRINA MENTALE D’EMILIO DEI NERI  has generously offered to do the lay-out of the book and modify one of my photos for the cover.

This experience has given me a great amount of energy, though at times it’s kept me off my blog. I’ve decided to go on now and finally publish some of my work as self-published e-books unless of course a publisher would like to step in ( 😉 ) and I’m hoping to find a way to hard copy at least one booklet this year.  Fingers crossed.

Thank you all for dropping by.

Ciao,  Bastet (Georgia Koch)

Just a Note and some tanka – November 13, 2015

park benches

Hello World!

I was a bit busy yesterday so I wasn’t able to post and today I’ll be posting in the evening (Italian time so I guess that’d be somewhere between afternoon and tomorrow depending if you are reading me in the Americas or Asia/Australia).

In the meantime a couple of  tanka:

sinking sun
all along the lakefront
empty benches
too tired to just sit and think
ah – these splendid autumn days

the quiet predawn
silence and star-lit skies
a caterwauling cat
sings to his autumn lovers

© G.s.k. ‘15

Just a note … Let the Rain Glisten – November 10, 2015

Hello everyone.

I wrote a poem based on a prompt challenge put up by Harry a true  friend of poets and coordinator-creator of Poet’s Corner … I put a link to the blog site. However, since I’m a bit distracted lately I forgot to say that that link leads to Poet’s Corner, I’ve since corrected my original post.

Some have since posted a poem because they liked the challenge and I think that’s cool however, I would very much appreciate it if you would credit the Poet’s Corner (either creating a link to the site [A challenge for everyone- Poet’s Corner.or as a tag – Poet’s Corner) if you write for the challenge.

Thanks you so much.  Bastet

Kukai winner- rain drops – November 3, 2015

Bamboo wind chimes

rain drips
off the old bamboo wind-chimes

© G.s.k. ‘15

This morning I was blessed with a wonderful confirmation of my haiku art.  The above haiku won the Carpe Diem Haiku Kai: Kukai of  “Peace of Mind”  the Fall Kukai event.

The other haiku I submitted were:

[this young lark]
in the pomegranate tree
songs of autumn
(numbered 14)

© G.s.k. ‘15

along the river
buzzing insects play
– hide and seek
(numbered 15)

© G.s.k. ‘15

“The winner of the Kukai is given the opportunity to make an e-book of his/her haiku with a maximum of 30 pages and he/she will be the featured haiku poet in the month after the kukai.” (in this case we’re speaking of December 2015).

Chèvrefeuille’s new Kukai is as follows:

“For .. this new haiku contest, I have chosen the following theme: WINTER and of course that’s a very broad range of things and scenes. So I love to challenge you to write/compose haiku in which you can “feel”, “touch”, “smell”, “taste”, “see” and “hear” WINTER, must be easy … don’t you think so too ….!
Submission starts today. You can submit haiku (only haiku with a maximum of three new (unpublished) haiku) until December 23rd 10.00 PM (CET) to our email address:


Please write: kukai Winter in the subject line.”

Just a Note – November 2, 2015

Hello …

I would like to thank everyone for being close to me and my family in these difficult days.

We held my husband Luciano’s commemoration ceremony Saturday morning and then invited the participants over to the house so that they could toast him, celebrate his life and see his art work.  It was a by-invitation only commemoration.    He didn’t like funerals and always said he’d prefer not to have a funeral at all … but we felt a commemoration ceremony accompanied by Erik Satie’s music giving his family and friends the chance to say goodbye was an acceptable compromise.  We’re sure he would have enjoyed the at-home exhibition.

Life and death walk hand in hand with us on this earth. We often try to ignore death, thinking that it will just go away … but death is always with us and it would be better to make it our friend rather than our enemy. Death is a counsellor, a constant reminder that our days on earth are numbered and we don’t know when they will end.  Realizing this, we should also realize that so many things that we think are important are in fact just so much dust with all the weight and importance of chaff. Life is a one step at a time affair, our goal is to be doing what we’re doing here and now.

“…it’s like this. Sometimes, when you’ve a very long street ahead of you, you think how terribly long it is and feel sure you’ll never get it swept. And then you start to hurry. You work faster and faster and every time you look up there seems to be just as much left to sweep as before, and you try even harder, and you panic, and in the end you’re out of breath and have to stop–and still the street stretches away in front of you. That’s not the way to do it.

You must never think of the whole street at once, understand? You must only concentrate on the next step, the next breath, the next stroke of the broom, and the next, and the next. Nothing else.

That way you enjoy your work, which is important, because then you make a good job of it. And that’s how it ought to be.

And all at once, before you know it, you find you’ve swept the whole street clean, bit by bit. what’s more, you aren’t out of breath. That’s important, too… (28-29)”
― Michael Ende, Momo

 “Whatever the world dishes up, we take it on–not on our own terms, but on the world’s.”
― Steve Hagen

  “Po: Maybe I should just quit and go back to making noodles.
Oogway: Quit, don’t quit? Noodles, don’t noodles? You are too concerned about what was and what will be. There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.”
― Kung Fu Panda  😉

@)->—> —-

a single morning
the sun rises over the mountains
a bird sings out
walk in this here and now
without was or will be – peace

© G.s.k. ‘15

Just a Note – A passing – October 28, 2015

Father and Son


I’ve been off-line since Sunday afternoon and will probably not be writing on my blog for a few days.  Unfortunately my husband met with a fatal accident, it seems that probably due to a fall (where he’d hit his head and bruised his back and legs a few weeks ago) he probably had a micro fracture which went unnoticed because when he only consulted our doctor about the vivid bruises he disregarded the rather large bump on the back of his head. Our doctor believes that he probably was a victim of an aneurysm or something similar due to the fall which broke loose while he was riding our moped.

Luciano was an artist.  He’d created his own form of artistic expression (which I’ll call “glass works”) and created some really beautiful pieces of which he was justly proud.  He was a cancer survivor and had just received the results of his recent analysis reassuring him that no new cancer cells had been found, for which he was very relieved.  He had the opportunity to see his son receive his Master of Arts Degree in Modern History with honours for which he was both proud and happy. And though we had our ups and downs as do most couples … we had many wonderful moments together.

He didn’t expect to die any time soon  … he didn’t write a poem for his passing, so I will try to write his jisei for him.

quest’uccello vola libero
in autunno

this bird flies free
in autumn

© G.s.k. ‘15

Below is a sample of Luciano’s work and a few articles I’d written in the past.  Many of the photographs that you’ve seen over the last few years on my blog were taken during walks I’ve with him.  These photographs were taken by me as well … the quality is poor but they will give you an idea of what he used to do. The opening photo is the last photo I took of him with our son on the day of our son’s graduation, just a few days before his passing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Luciano Neri – Objects on Glass a Photographic Exhibition

La Rocca di Riva

Sotto i portici di Riva

The Exhibition

A Triolet and A Sedoka


Just A Note – October 20, 2015

Bus Station

Hello World!

I’ve got my bags packed once again and I’ll be off to the bus station in about an hour, as I’m sure you know if you read my last few posts.  I’m off to my son’s graduation in Padua, tomorrow he will be a Master of Medieval-Modern History, and I’m really so very proud of him.

This has meant though that I’ve not had the time to read any posts whether through the two features I’m participating regularly in (OctPoWriMo – and CDHK), the reader, or through my e-mail notifications.  Please excuse me for my silence.

I will be home on Friday and will be back reading, linking and participating with you all. Though I’m not sure I’ll be able to make up these lost days.  Know that you are all in my heart and thoughts and enjoy your fantastic work!

Have a great week!  Georgia (Bastet)

Just A Note – October 10, 2015

Path_2Hello Folks .. I won’t be writing much today since I’m off doing community service.  I’m an eco-volunteer here and today is the second half of our bi-annual “reuse” day .. I’ll try to explain what it is at another time … right now … I’m late and have to run.

Have a great Saturday everyone …  Georgia

Just a Note – September 14, 2015

People in Padua

People in Padua

Hello World!

I’m writing this post from “safe mode” as I’m doing a full clean-up of all the gunk that I picked up last week.  Yesterday the problem I wrote about last week represented itself and I found myself closed out of my mail service etc.  I ran the antivirus and found 7 ad tracking cookies and removed them.  I also cleared out my system information files (you go to properties of your computer set up and deactivate system information – at least that’s what you do on XP.  Once it’s been deactivated all the files are cancelled.  When you turn your system information back on you have a new starting point created the moment you activate the service so that’s the point your computer will go to if you have a problem – like when you add an update and your computer stops working ).

At this point I went into safe mode with network options and began to run various programs to clear out malware and adware following the advice of Malware Tips

While I was waiting to get the job done, among other things,  I read this article … kind of got the feeling of “1984” or “Brave New World” reading it : The truth about Windows 10 spying on almost everything you do.

Interesting reading and not a little scary if your interested in having a private life and still using your computer on-line.

I’ve always considered Internet as a sort of huge plaza … lots of people milling around getting to know each other, buying stuff, sharing their lives … but I always remember that it’s like any plaza in the world … there are good guys and there are bad guys, and there are nosy-parkers, spies, con-artists and yes, perverts too.

If you go into a public place, you are always a little at risk of losing some of your privacy.  The point is .. how much of your privacy are you willing to give up?  The thought of an Ad company or anyone else as far as that goes, rummaging through my private letters and snooping in on my private conversations doesn’t please me at all.

I don’t know the solution … but the article does give some ideas as what to turn off.  They did mention as a valid if radical solution converting to Linux products … might be an idea.

I’ve finished my work here and will now be going back to my normal mode with a few ideas whizzing through my head … there might be some interesting points here leading to a story 😉 .

Have a great week!