Pixelventures – Food

Food in Italy!

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Going to the supermarket
just to take some photos
people looked at me
and then they shook their heads:
whatever could a tourist want
with mementos of a store?
If they had only known…
I’ve lived here for 20 years,
and these photos aren’t souvenirs
but another prompt for you!



Refrigerator shelf

Refrigerator shelf

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit

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Pixelventures: Morning Walk

Morning Walk

One balmy day with my son I walked
Along back roads past vineyards and farms
Taking photos of trees, gates and barns
Of light and of poetry we talked.
We came to Sarca’s ancient floodgate.
Abandoned now to desolation’s rust
He turned a wheel with a mighty thrust
And wondered of its opening date.

What was it’s purpose long time ago…
Did it save past men from Sarca’s rage
Or feed canals to make vineyards grow?
Unread is the floodgate’s story page.

These shots are part of our morning walk
These words a nod at our lazy talk.

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We Drink Photo Challenge: Old


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Pixelventures and Poetry: Lost

LostA desert of lily pads

choke the tiny pond

lost is your purpose

your very life

and further on

you travel

into quiet decay

as the water lilies

invade your soul

do you

travel on towards

your silent rest?

Or like a ghost do you now


the lost towards their final goal?

For the We Drink Photo Challenge – Water


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Pixelventures and a Palindrome: Water


Reflecting on Aloneness in Water

…Water is life
i am alone
reflections in seclusion
illusions of company, illusions of aloneness
dreams in infinite, uniqueness, vastness that is life…
@)–>–>–   –>–>–(@
…life is that vastness, uniqueness, infinite in dreams
aloneness of illusions, company of illusions
seclusion in reflections
alone am i
Life is water…

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Pixelventures – Tanka: Water

Lake Garda

water the font of life

refreshing me constantly

through my eyes and skin

bracing beauty my delight

as I walk along the lake

For the We Drink Photo Challenge – 2

Photography: Fire = Summer!

We Drink Photo Challenge this week is dedicated to Fire!

Fire and summer according to the idea of the elements in the Taoist world are tied together!  So, I’ll show you some fire..well actually people enjoying the summer:

The next three photos were taken from a cell-phone and the elaborated with Picasa 3!  We were at the pool in Arco…

Here are a couple of my older son playing with his eldest!

The pool Prabi-ArcoPrabi-Arco PoolWe try to get to the sea each summer… here we were in Puglia…who knows what they were talking about!

The SeaAnd what do our tourists do in summer? Nordic Walking, cycling, wind surfing and sailing…

Nordic Walkingbikesport parkingthe port

Have a wonderful day everyone!  See you soon!

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We Drink Photo Challenge: Coffee

Well…a characteristic of fire is a bitter taste…so, here’s coffee for you!

Last summer I with my family went to Athens, Georgia U.S.A.  We went to visit a place called “Jittery Joes”  where they import, blend, roast and if you want them to they’ll grind coffee from all over the world!  (Oh and you can drink it there…they even had an espresso machine that made a mighty fine Italian espresso!)

CoffeeCoffee BeansRoasterNow that my friends is a mighty big roaster!  What we have next is a grinder!

GrinderHere I let the people stay so we could see just how big that grinder is:

Coffee GrinderThe following picture has nothing to do with coffee except that it was taken at Jittery Joes…there were some pretty neat things lying around and these I liked very much!

Stumps and bicycle

This post was created for We Drink Photo Challenge!

Have a great day!

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Pixelventures: Laughter

laughterfire is our element

laughter reignes the evening

happiness is ours

n.b. the photo was taken by Sisko, my son and I eleborated it for this post.

This post was written for We Drink Photo Challenge dedicated to the element of FIRE.