Sunday Whirl – (ABAB Rhyme Scheme – Wordle) – March 10, 2015

trample on the elephant
knead the wind with want
is it really all that relevant
to be so nonchalant?

in this club of craven images
we trip on string of fluff
no stage but just a cinema
where nothings ever enough

we begin with those excuses,
planted in our brain
that in the end produces
an empty life-long refrain

these empty images that sting
of an awkward senseless logic
make us lose the sight of spring
of gentle love and magic

ah – those cosmic meditations with they’re sting of awkward logic
is the drive behind our trip on this lonely train so tragic
the fact is that it’s all a lie and an emotional illusion
we try to reach a goal … born in the shrouds of long dead words
uttered by some alpha ominide who lived in a cave in Spain …

© G.s.k. ‘15

Two Quotes by Douglas Adams

” Part of how we come to take command of our world, to take command of our environment, to make these tools by which we’re able to do this, is we ask ourselves questions about it the whole time. So this man starts to ask himself questions. “This world,” he says, “so who made it?” Now, of course he thinks that, because he makes things himself. So he’s looking for someone who would have made this world. He says, “Well, so who would have made this world? Well, it must be something a little like me.Obviously much much bigger. And necessarily invisible. But he would have made it. Now why did he make it?” Now we always ask ourselves “why?” because we look for intention around us; because we always intend – we do something with intention. We boil an egg in order to eat it. So we look at the rocks, and we look at the trees, and we wonder what intention is here even though it doesn’t have intention. “

“If we think that the world is here for us we will continue to destroy it the way we have been destroying it, because we think we can do no harm.”

Parrots, the Universe and Everything (2001)



trample, club, images, sting, string, trip, begin, plant, excuses, drive, knead, wind


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Night Train – ABAB Rhyme Scheme with Wordle – March 8, 2015


this train thunders into the night
a madcap monster and dragon of lore –
running from problems and another fight
I’m going where I’ve never been before

tired of your flagellating my soul
tired of the blisters across my mind
maybe craven, surely without a goal
I’m leaving my victim-self behind

no accident brought me to this pass
but a howling gnawing demon, you
the scales now tipped like an empty glass
here take my aureole – know, I’m through

this train thunders into the night
I’ve got no special destination in mind
just moving from darkness towards the light
I’m leaving my victim-self behind

© G.s.k. ‘15

Note: This combination word combination in the wordle and the train image took me in this direction … I actually did at one time grab a midnight train in a moment of “I’ve had it up to here” and might do so some day again .. but at the moment this poem is just a fantasy or a memory.

Madcap (wildly impulsive, heedless), Blister, Strap, Aureole (a halo),  Accident, Howl, Gnaw, Flagellation (flogging, associated most frequently with BDSM or religious penitence), Craven (cowardly) Scale, Victim, Shelf

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