Acrostic: Autumn Leaf


Autumn Leaf

Red leaf

Red leaf

Aged by the season
Untouched, yet, is your beauty
Thinking of life’s passing
Under early sun-rise
Marveled I at your loveliness
Now that rain has ceased.

Leaf fell upon these cobbles
Eased my weary mind
As I walked along this lonely path
Following a random map.

Acrostic: Acronyms


Anyone can string letters in a row,

Challenging is making sense of them.

Reading newspapers or mags from the States,

Only make my head spin in frustrated irritation.

Noting that I know not their austere origins,

Yale laureates look down their snobby noses.

Madame, YNWI!  (BTW, I just invented that),

So now you can figure out what YNWI means!

I posted a slightly different version of this poem on Poet’s Corner, Thank you Harry Mullen for publishing it!

Acrostic: Mr Gwyn

A new prompt…a SAK Prompt from Sahm at the Arkside of Thought.  He offers a great idea, write an Acrostic using the title of your favorite book…I LOVE ACROSTIC POEMS… so here goes!


Editrici Feltrinelli

Editrici Feltrinelli

Mystery writer, no longer wanting to be consumed like popcorn,

Refuses to compose or publish another novel

Gifted, he is and cannot live without writing!

When he sees some portraits of nudes he ponders and

Yearningly looks, then says: “I know what I can do!

Nothing less than portraits in writing on commission”.

Mr. Gwyn by Alessandro Baricco