Lost Lost – A Circular Sonnet – March 23, 2016

Tomb small

Lost lost in the darkness you’ll walk
where evil weaves its awful web
black the night as the bell tolls ten
scratch at the door, yes, wail and weep
the door is locked, you cannot leave.

Lost lost in the black sepulchre
roam the dank catacombs my fair
you sought his love instead of mine
intrigued by his exotic eyes –
the door is locked, you cannot leave.

Lost lost they’ll never find you now
I could have told them – but will not
you would betray me for his charm
now you scratch at the old stone walls
the door is locked, you cannot leave

Lost lost in the endless darkness
the door is locked, you cannot leave.

© G.s.k. ‘16

(5) Words: | WEB | LOST | BLACK | SCRATCH | LOCK |

DOOR Template Instructions

The Secret Keeper’s – Weekly Writing Prompt #29

Christmas Rounds – Jane’s Circular Poem – The Twenty-Eight – December 17, 2015

spinning tree

Following their ancient rounds
Sounds of joy floats through the town
Down the alleys ‘cross the mall
All the children dream of this:
Kris Kringle’s bright reindeer sleigh
Away on Christmas evening
Following their ancient rounds …

In children’s dreams:
Creams and candy
Dandy toys too
Blue berry pies
Skies with snow-flakes
Skates on lakes – spin
In children’s dreams.

© G.s.k. ‘15

This morning I had a really stimulating meet with The Secret Keeper about her last week’s poetry prompt (Weekly Writing Prompt – please click to see the interesting prompts she puts up), intrigued that she’d written with the combination of the circular poem and the twenty-eight for her 18 December post (spoilers!)  I thought I’d like to try it – but forgot that the twenty eight is a seven syllable poem in  only four lines, however, thank heaven’s there’s a variation  .. so I wrote the variation as a “twenty-eight circular poem” (seven lines with four syllables each).

I’ll link this to B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond – Jane’s Circular Poem … (also The Twenty-Eight)

Reflections on Reflections – circular poem – December 15, 2015

reflecting on reflections
inflections of a frame of mind
wind up now this inner clock
ticktock watch the light go down
round a world of reality
(duality, fatality, irrationality … I don’t know)
aglow bright lights refract
attack my senses escape my essence
luminescence sparkles unseen
keen is the machine not I
by and by I keep on collecting, unsuspecting
reflecting on reflections

© G.s.k. ‘15

Photo Challenge #91 December 15, 2015 and B&P’s Shadorma and Beyond – The Circular Poem – December 12, 2015

Secret Wanderers – Jane’s Circular Poem – December 13, 2015

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Secret Wanderer

Inside, the secret wanderers go –
Aglow on sidewalks paved with wonder
Under dancing light-form plays
Ablaze, a gentle smile, the child inside …
Outside that tease, old age hides the truth
Youth, whom few can now remember –
December knows those wanderers though
Aglow in Christmas fairs …
Theirs – bright games and fond memories
Fairies still sing and never chide
Hide not from your magic Yule-time guide –
Inside, the secret wanderers go.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Yesterday I went on a day trip to Innsbruck with a group of friends to see their Christmas Market.  There are actually several Christmas Markets in Innsbruck .. being such a large city, it’s to be expected.  The one we visited is in the old centre of Innsbruck, where you can also find the Sacher Hotel, the local branch of the hotel famous for its Sacher Torte and one of the famous Swaroskis‘ stores … chocolate in all shapes and forms … and of course Christmas kiosks, pony and merry-go-round rids for the children.

Above are a few photos I took … which I dedicate to Richard Ankers – I’ve made good my promise and there are more photos to come.

the secret keeper – the wanderer #14:  Words: | GENTLE | WANDER | TEASE | GAME | FORM |

B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond

The Winding Road – Circular Poem – December 8, 2015

“Gentle, go on yonder winding road,
Snowed under by this winter’s crop ..
Stop not but wander until you find
Entwined bright green mistletoe vines …”
Whispered pines (teases dressed in green
E’en as others must go bare)
“Care not for false form or cheating,” say they
“Play the game fair, be not judgmental!
Gentle, go on yonder winding road.”

© G.s.k. ‘15


The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #14

(5) Words: | GENTLE | WANDER | TEASE | GAME | FORM |

Last week for The Secret Keeper’s weekly writing prompt, Jane Dougherty  wrote a love Circular Poem which I admire very much … enough to write that I felt tempted to try a second Circular Poem … having said it, I felt committed .. but it wasn’t until today that I felt inspired.

Reflections at a Water Fountain – Circular Poem and Hay(na)ku – November 28, 2015

leaf in the water

Reflections at a Water Fountain

tumbling water splashing
dashing an autumn leaf in cold water
[alter of mystic autumn rites]
ignites my imagination:
all life issued …
spewed – from water but, oh, the change
strange – and somehow, humbling
tumbling water splashing


water splashes
autumn’s red symbol

reflecting I saw
life’s evolution

© G.s.k. ‘15


Poetry challenge #7: Circular poem

“The rules are simple. A circular poem is one that goes round full circle. The last word of the first line rhymes with the first word of the following line and so on until you end up back at your first line.

Lines can be any length, it’s the rhyme that’s important. Ideas and images can be as stream of consciousness as you like, theme, whatever springs to mind.”   Jane Dougherty

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