Faith with Fangs – Didactic Poem – July 23, 2015

Wisdom and knowledge
Slither through time
In the guise of a serpent
Silver or gold
Auryn to some
Symbol of universal renewal …
The only creature to defeat the proud dragon
In Chinese mythology …
The full cycle of re-incarnation
Guardian of the mysteries of birth
The God of Medicine
Carried on a staff …
Rainbow-god of the Ashanti
and to the Aborigine …
Symbol of fertility
And sexual desire
Sacred Kundalini …
Umbilical cord that joins all
That live to the Great Mother Earth
But to some
A symbol of trickery and spite
The most subtle beast of the field
The rod of Moses
That led his people to freedom …
To the first Christians
Symbol of salvation and eternal life
And yet now, the symbol of Satan …
So many names
So many qualities
I could go on and on …
From the beginning of time
The snake
Has walked close to mankind …

© G.s.k. ‘15

The other day I read a great article at  The Muscleheaded Blog about snake worshipping among some Christians in the United States … the article was really very informative and went beyond the oddity of that specific Christian sect and touched upon snake symbols throughout history and in different cultures … I mentioned that it would be interesting to write a poem about that subject, a stuck my foot in it as it were … so I decided to write a brief Didactic Poem about Faith with Fangs … the title of Chris’ original post.

Criticism in Witticism : All in a Word


Criticism in Witticism –  Didactic Poem

I’m part of the majority
who loves not your snarky way
of criticizing everyone
forever and a day …
criticism may be good
to help one to betterment
but witticism my dear friend
works wonders for the soul …

there are so many ways to say
“you’ve mess-up from where I stand”
but humility should be a part
in your remark
if you could only understand …
a critic is a person
who often feels so grand
pulling down someone’s ego
thus building up his own …
it’s sad that sometimes what they say
could really help you out
but when you know their motive’s
snarky … there’s no profit to be had.

learn to use good humor
learn to use humility
learn to love the other
and use a little care.
I’ll take your criticism then
for I’ll know there’s no mistake
you’re saying that for my own good
and not for your own sake.

Written for All in a Word

Yogurt Cake – Didactic poem

Yogurt Cake

Ah,  you liked my yogurt cake
It’s so easy for you to make
I’ll write for you my recipe
For a perfect bake!

You’ll need a jar of white yogurt
The jar you’ll use to  measure
2 of sugar 3 of flour
It’s easy you see,  a pleasure!

Now look at this:
Count down:  3,2, and 1
whole eggs, tablespoons of oil
and packet of baking powder…

Then you’ll need a pinch of salt
And you’ll grate in some lemon zest…

mixing cake

mixing cake

Add the sugar to the yogurt
Then slowly add the rest
Saving for the very last
The tangy lemon zest –

Stir and stir the mess around
‘Til the batter’s been well mixed
Put it in a non-stick pan,
Pop it then, into the oven,
Which will do for you the rest!

Bon Appetite!

Yogurt cake

Yogurt cake

(This recipe for Yogurt cake was given me by a friend  about 20 years ago.   Being an Italian recipe, as most of  mine are,  a couple of changes have had to be  made and an added explanation is required.  The yogurt should be the individual sized “pots” either 125 or 150 grams.  In place of the zest I now use a teaspoon full of lemon extract.  A packet of baking powder is about 2 teaspoons full.  The oven must be preheated to 200°C…that’s 390°F… which seems a bit high to me so I’d try a little cooler oven maybe 350°.  It should take about 20 minutes or until a straw comes out clean to bake it.)

I wrote this poem for Harry’s Poetry Challenge at The Poets Corner.